Love in Paradise viewers react to Martine and Steven’s relationship so far

Martine and Steven
Martine and Steven have been judged by viewers who are watching Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. Pic credit: TLC

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story viewers have a pulse on Martine and Steven’s relationship after watching them in the first three episodes.

Martine met her DJ boyfriend Steven while she was vacationing in his native Barbados and the pair have been together for three years long distance. Martine is looking to lock down a more serious commitment from Steven in the form of a proposal and Steven thinks she is moving too fast.

Steven had previously cheated on Martine so she feels like he owes it to her to take their relationship a step further.

Viewers weighed in on social media about what they’ve seen from the couple so far.

Love in Paradise viewers react on social media to Martine and Steven’s relationship

On Day 2 of her trip, Martine got at Steven pretty intensely about her desire for a ring and a commitment from him. One onlooker picked up on her insistence and Steven’s wavering and said, “Whew!!! Martine getting on my nerves about her getting a proposal. I can only imagine how Steven feeling.”

Martine also tried to get Steven’s six-year-old daughter Sarai to put pressure on her dad to give her a ring. Steven expressed his annoyance at her tactics as well.

One Twitter user described how they felt about it. They said, “I feel like that scene hit worse after watching her try to manipulate Steven with his daughter. That was super out of line Martine.”

A Love in Paradise viewer gave their opinion on one of Martine’s actions. Pic credit: @emabelanger/Twitter

A more jovial side of Martine and Steven’s relationship is their spicy sex life. They don’t have a lot of time to spend together when Martine visits Barbados so they try to make it count with their intimacy.

A Twitter user summed it up with a picture of a scene from the latest episode when they said, “Martine and Steven’s sex life in one photo:.”

The picture was of a broken lampshade with subtitles from Steven saying, “You broke the lamp shade.”

Steven Blackett and Martine have some tough choices to make on Love in Paradise

Martine is going to have to be careful not to drive Steven away by going at a pace he is uncomfortable with. Steven has also said that they need to have better communication so that she doesn’t just spring things on him as she has been.

They are three years in and Steven just met Martine’s parents and they seemed pretty skeptical, so they will have to figure out how they feel about the meeting.

Martine also doesn’t like the attention Steven gets from women as a DJ, but she will have to come to terms with it since that is his occupation.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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