Love in Paradise star Aryanna Sierra shows off 85 lb weight loss transformation

Aryanna Sierra
Aryanna Sierra showed off her remarkable weight loss and gym gains. Pic credit: @aryanna.sierra/Instagram

Aryanna Sierra, an alum of the hit 90 Day Fiance spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, recently dazzled fans with an incredible weight loss transformation share.

The 26-year-old mother of one explained to Love in Paradise viewers that she had always struggled with her weight and was naturally a bigger girl.

That said, she expressed insecurities about her size while she was pregnant and after, but it seems that the reality star has now met the goals she had for herself.

Aryanna shared a montage video with her 43.6k followers that showed a throwback photo of herself followed by a video of her exercising hard at the gym and a mirror shot of her in a bra and underwear from the front and side view.

Next, Aryanna showed 90 Day fans a video doing more workouts before she shared a clip of herself slimmed down in the same bra and underwear outfit.

A shot of Aryanna performing squats with a weight bar captured her gym dedication. She followed that up with a share of her side-by-side progress photos from the images she shared earlier in the video.

Aryanna Sierra touts her weight loss success to Love in Paradise fans

Aryanna struck a final confident pose in pink spandex and a crop top to show off her gains.

In the caption, Aryanna wrote, “85 down from where I started in 2018, 52 down from right after I had Odin, 30 down from July. Back to where I was January of 2020.. pre pandemic, pre pregnancy. ???.”

Also, in her caption, Aryanna touted her success with reflective hashtags, writing, “#weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #naturalweightloss #odinsmom,” and “#mombod.”

Aryanna Sierra’s relationship with Sherlon Mcinnis

Aryanna appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean with her baby daddy Sherlon Mcinnis.

The pair met when Ary was on vacation in Sherlon’s native Jamaica. After having only spent a few amorous days together on her vacation, Ary found out she was pregnant upon returning home to Illinois.

She went back to visit Sherlon while she was pregnant, but Sherlon would not commit to doing the K-1 visa. Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic visa slowdown made it so he couldn’t get a visitor’s visa to be there for the birth of his son, Odin.

After Odin was born, Ary returned to Jamaica with Odin and her mom so that Sherlon could meet him for the first time in person.

Ary discovered that Sherlon had been seeing other women while she thought they were exclusive. However, a romantic night rekindled their spark, and Sherlon said he would try to stay committed.

These days, unfortunately, Sherlon and Ary are no longer together.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean is currently on hiatus.

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