Love in Paradise fans react to Martine’s ill-fated game of ‘Never Have I Ever’

Martine decided to play a dicey drinking game that ended up making her upset. Pic credit: TLC

Martine decided to play an emotionally dangerous drinking game on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story this week when she recommended playing “Never Have I Ever” with Steven’s friends.

The game’s premise is to name something you haven’t done before, and all the people who have done that thing are obligated to drink. In this case, the game fell apart for Martine when Steven’s friend said he has never cheated on a significant other, forcing Steven to drink because he cheated on Martine in the past.

Martine was already underlyingly fuming after finding a troubling “You up?” message on Steven’s phone the night before. She decided to table discussing it until after they partied with his friends to avoid causing a scene in front of people.

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Martine’s caution went out the window. However, after she had a few drinks, she thought it would be good to get Steven called out through the game.

Love in Paradise viewers caught the awkward and ill-fated game’s purpose and outcome and reacted on social media.

Love in Paradise viewers reacted to Martine’s unwise drinking game

The drinking game did not have a good result for Martine who’s insecurities flared up from Steven’s past cheating.

Steven’s friend on the show actually tweeted about his remark on how at the beginning of the game, he asked, “Are you sure you want to play this?” His tweet had the caption, “Just here to say I asked.”

Another person brought up when Steven’s friend, who knew about Steven’s infidelity with Martine, said that he had never cheated on a significant other, leaving Steven open to Martine’s rage.

A video GIF of a boy looking guilty holding a cup was the image for the Tweet that read, “Steven’s friend knew what he was doing.. homeboy looked at Steven like you ready bro…”

Martine Fortune and Steven Blackett have a lot to overcome for their relationship to work

Martine has been very vocal about wanting a proposal and a serious commitment from Steven, who has remained aloof against Martine’s questions and comments.

Steven will have to figure out what he wants out of the relationship, so he doesn’t end up stringing Martine along.

Martine’s trust issues are the other major factor standing in the way of having a healthy relationship. Steven had given her the password to his phone for assurance, although they got into a fight after the bad party with his friends when Martine brought up looking at his phone and seeing the message from someone.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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