Logan Palmer opens up about receiving death threats after The Bachelorette

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer says fans were different toward him after filming The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Although fans have been showing more support for Logan Palmer after his stint on Bachelor in Paradise, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the contestant.

During the most recent season of The Bachelorette, Logan memorably switched from Rachel Recchia’s group of men into Gabby Windey’s mid-season, which garnered a fair amount of hate from Bachelor Nation on its own.

Logan ended up leaving the show early due to having contracted COVID-19, which was quickly and suspiciously addressed on the show.

However, many fans ended up rooting for Logan and taking his side after his toxic relationship with Kate Gallivan on Bachelor in Paradise, which he appeared in right after The Bachelorette this fall.

Things might be looking up for Logan now, but he recently opened up about the hard times he faced earlier this year regarding hate comments and death threats from viewers.

While appearing on the Life Coach Zach podcast, Logan said that people “had a lot of harsh and sharp words to say” about him, which caused him to stop reading messages after a certain amount of time.

Logan Palmer says The Bachelorette fans sent him death threats

“People were not a fan of me, and it was jarring to me. I had people contact my place of work to say things about me,” Logan revealed on the podcast.

He continued to say that viewers were not shy in sending death threats and hate to him and his family, including messages personally to his sister online.

Listen to a clip from the podcast appearance below:

Logan is happy to be ‘on the other side’ after Bachelor in Paradise

Although it may have been a dark time after The Bachelorette aired, Logan said he is thankful to be on the flipside now that viewers have seen him on Bachelor in Paradise.

Although he may not have left Paradise in a relationship, fans are now “celebrating” Logan and sending him “amazing and inspirational messages.”

Logan continued by delving into the opportunities he has gotten since appearing on BIP, including the chance to sit courtside at a sports game.

“It’s such a whiplash I think, you know, going from one side of the spectrum to the other,” he explained.

However, Logan said he is not letting the “temporary thing,” AKA fame after the show, go to his head.

“It definitely could go to your head, it definitely could change you, it would change anyone,” Logan said. “So I’m trying to really be cognisant of like, ‘Hey man, you didn’t actually do anything. You went to the beach, you had fun, and now people recognize you.'”

However, Logan is still trying to enjoy the moment for what it is — especially after all the previous hate earlier this year.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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