Kate Gallivan apologizes for ‘classist’ comments toward Logan Palmer

Kate Gallivan
Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer address her classist statements at the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion. Pic credit: ABC

Every season of Bachelor in Paradise has some alums skyrocketing to fan favorite status and others plummeting into the title of “villain.” 

Kate Gallivan experienced the latter as she routinely came under fire for her disparaging remarks toward ex-Logan Palmer. 

On several occasions, footage captured Kate talking down on Logan’s job, finances, and lifestyle. 

While Kate previously tried to defend her actions by suggesting that “pivotal moments” weren’t shown on screen, she’s now taking some accountability. 

Kate spoke directly to her followers to issue an apology. 

She also apologized to Logan, acknowledging that her comments were “out of pocket” and classist. 

Kate Gallivan cringed at her classist comments 

Kate took to Twitter and her Instagram Stories to share the same message. 

After receiving heaps of online hate, Kate appeared to want to clear the air with anyone she offended.

The Bachelor Nation star began her post, “In light of the reunion tonight, I want to speak directly to you all. I deeply apologize for the classist things that I said on BiP this season. I was shocked when I saw the show myself and I cringed just as much as you guys did watching it. If I could take it back, I would.”

She continued by sharing that she has “nothing but respect for Logan and the rest of the cast, and I’m still so grateful to have gone on this adventure with them.” 

Kate Gallivan's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @kategallivan/Instagram

Kate didn’t just speak about her offensive comments online. She also addressed them with Logan Palmer in person at the reunion.

Logan Palmer calls Kate Gallivan out for humiliating him 

Logan was able to speak his mind at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, as he defended his accomplishments after seeing Kate talking down on him throughout the season. 

Talking about Kate, Logan said she made fun of him and humiliated him in front of her friends. 

Kate addressed Logan as she shared that her comments were “out of pocket,” and she never wanted him to hear what she was saying as it was said in moments she that thought were private with her girlfriends. 

She also acknowledged that her comments surrounding his car, job, and lack of an Equinox membership were “symbolic of something deeper I was feeling,” which was that she didn’t think he was the serious partner she needed. 

Logan said he actually wished Kate would have made those disparaging comments to his face so that he could see who she really was. 

While Kate tried to tear Logan down on Bachelor in Paradise, Logan explained the reasoning behind his jobs, like dog-walking, sharing that he moved to a new state and had to start fresh by taking several jobs.

Ultimately, Logan found fulfillment in a career and is proud of the life he’s built. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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