Little People Big World star Isabel Sofia Rock shares vulnerable body image post, slams Amy Roloff hater

Isabel Sofia Rock of Little People Big World
Isabel Sofia Rock, wife of Jacob Roloff. Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Sofia Rock, shared a lengthy, unguarded post to Instagram on Wednesday, talking about curvy people with skinnier partners.

Isabel captioned the post with a lengthy writeup: “Someone wrote to me that they want a podcast episode about the experience of being a curvy person with a skinnier partner. This is something that isn’t talked about nearly enough and it leaves people feeling alone.”

“That is my experience, I have often felt alone in this. Most photos of Jacob and I together attract some variation of comments: ‘she is so much bigger than him’ or ‘either she can cook or has a great personality’ or ‘that’s disrespectful, lose weight for your man’ etc. “

“The comments are then swiftly deleted by me and then the person is blocked. I am in a good place with my body now, I really am, but it still sucks to see them.”

She continued, “A lot of body image issues stem from wanting to take up less space. And when you are ‘bigger’ than your partner, you can feel incredibly embarrassed by taking up more space than them. I know I have, especially when we’re out in public together.”

“Haters are gonna hate”

“So many times I have thought to myself, ‘do you think anyone notices our weight difference?’ As @aliciamccarvell put it best, ‘You can say ‘haters are gonna hate’ and ‘just ignore them’ all you want but ignoring things like this doesn’t change the behavior or the outcome – people just end up suffering in silence.”

Elaborating still on her message, she said, “We do not owe our partners any particular size. And the size of our bodies has no bearing on our worth. Our unique body shapes should be celebrated, not shamed. Besides, we are more than our bodies. So much more.”

“You need to know that it’s okay to be shaped differently than your partner. It’s more than okay, it’s beautiful. It’s perfect. I have struggled with this for so long in secret, if me talking about it openly helps to normalize it, then it will have been worth it. ❤️”

She elaborated in the comments, saying, “PSA: Saying ‘I have never noticed your weight before you started talking about it’ is not the compliment you think it is. It’s not helpful, it’s harmful. More power to you if you didn’t notice.”

“But it is a part of my reality, my experience and my self love journey and I should feel free to talk about it as much as I would like to. Thank you.”

Isabel has become an advocate for self-love lately, with mostly positive, uplifting messages on her social media account.

Mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, stopped by to comment, writing, “Oh I hear you, from a different perspective. Even at my age.”

Isabel Sofia Rock on Instagram
Amy Roloff commented on her daughter-in-law’s post. Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

“Absolutely no slander against my mother-in-law”

It appears that a follower commented with some hate towards Amy and Isabel was not having it. She fired back at the follower, whose comment has since been deleted.

She said, “Absolutely no slander against my mother in law will be tolerated on my page. You do not know her in any capacity, not even because you’ve see her online or on TV.”

Isabel continued, “Look at your heart because judging people you don’t know off of that is absolutely awful. My mother in law has the biggest heart and best personality. Kindly remove yourself from my page or I will remove you.”

Isabel Sofia Rock on Instagram
Isabel didn’t tolerate hatred towards her mother-in-law. Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

She recently shared that she had a major anxiety attack, and praised her husband, Jacob for his supportive nature.

Isabel and Jacob Roloff married on September 7, 2019. The couple stays out of the limelight as far as the Little People Big World franchise is concerned.

Her husband, Jacob Roloff, recently made a startling accusation that a Little People Big World executive producer molested him. It’s rumored that the show’s filming has been halted due to the allegation. Fans of the series are awaiting official word on whether the show will air this year or not.

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus.

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