Little People Big World fans sound off after Audrey Roloff posts a video of daughter Ember

Audrey and Ember Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Audrey Roloff of TLC’s Little People Big World with daughter Ember.

Little People Big World fans sounded off after Audrey Roloff posted a video to Instagram of her daughter, Ember, reciting the Lord’s prayer in bed together, as Audrey’s husband, Jeremy, filmed.

Audrey, daughter-in-law of Little People Big World stars Matt and Amy Roloff, is married to their son, Jeremy Roloff. The couple has two children: a daughter, Ember Jean, and a son, Bode James. Audrey’s husband, Jeremy, is the fraternal twin brother of Zach Roloff, who is a little person.

On February 6, Audrey, also known as “Auj” to family and friends, posted a nearly one-minute long video of her daughter, Ember, lying in bed next to her. The video starts with Audrey asking Ember, “Can you do the whole thing by yourself?”

Ember tells her mom, “You do quiet,” and then Audrey agrees and says, “Ready?” Ember doesn’t quite understand that her mom wants her to recite her prayer loudly and initially, she begins whispering.

Ember recites Our Father with Audrey while Jeremy films

They start over and this time, Ember delivers a very loud version of Our Father. The three-year-old is adorable as she renders the prayer, with occasional guidance from Audrey, who is mouthing along the verse and chimes in with the correct words when Ember struggles to remember.

The video is admittedly adorable, with most fans on social media commenting how precious Ember is, and how impressive it is for a young girl her age to memorize such a long prayer.

Other fans, however, took to the internet to bash Audrey, reiterating that Audrey and Jeremy stopped filming on Little People Big World so their children could live private lives.

Not all fans thought Ember’s adorable video was appropriate

A slew of fans on Reddit disagreed with Audrey’s decision to post a video of her daughter.

One viewer said, “I wonder how this plays with Ember when she is old enough to realize that her private moments, like being in her bed at night, and intimate and private, safe space, have been broadcast to the world by mommy without her having any idea.”

Fans argue that posting videos of Ember is hypocritical and wrong. Pic credit: Reddit

Another Reddit fan posted, “I know, it’s really so sad. I would never post something so intimate.”

In July 2018, Jeremy and Audrey shared, via Jeremy’s Instagram account, that they would be leaving the show.

Part of the reason for their exit was their then one-year-old daughter, Ember; they didn’t want her to grow up on television, thus spurring the backlash from fans.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff share that they are leaving LPBW in July 2018. Pic credit: @jeremyroloff / Instagram

The couple also stated that they no longer felt called to film the show, that it was more exhausting than most realized, and that they wanted to focus working on their multitude of business ventures.

Several of their business ventures include their podcast, running their website, their blog, writing, and photography projects, to name a few.

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus.

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