Lisa Barlow believes Monica Garcia was recording their phone calls prior to RHOSLC Season 4

Lisa Barlow in a confessional
Lisa Barlow reveals a Monica Garcia bombshell. Pic credit: Bravo

Despite being let go from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Monica Garcia is still on the minds of her former co-stars.

Recently, every interview you read with a cast member from the Bravo hit has to include sentiments about Garcia.

It makes sense because, when you think about it, would we even be talking about the show at this point without Garcia’s impact?

Lisa Barlow has spoken out about her nemesis a few times, opening up about her belief that icing her out was a good idea for the show.

Now, Barlow is opening up about red flags she had about her fired co-star long before she was cast on the show.

Barlow recently spoke with Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast and recalled when the mother of four called her before filming and was “super nice.”

Lisa Barlow had a gut feeling Monica Garcia was recording her

The self-proclaimed Queen of Sundance said that her gut told her that Garcia was recording the conversation.

Never one to mince words, Barlow asked Garcia if she was trying to keep a copy of their conversation and said on the podcast that she was “very careful” about what she said during the call.

Speaking of the conversation, the Vida Tequila founder said that Garcia was talking badly about some of her co-stars.

Remember, this call occurred right before the series started filming, but Barlow felt it was important to change the conversation’s trajectory.

Monica Garcia was bashing the RHOSLC cast before filming

She said she told her cast member the show could be a “great opportunity for you and your girls” and that the show could change her life.

Of course, as filming progressed, her initial gut feeling about Garcia was proven right when Heather Gay revealed the one-and-done housewife had been a part of the Reality Von Tease Instagram account that had been trolling the cast members for years.

When put on the spot about it in Bermuda, Garcia didn’t say much, leading Gay to tell her to leave the residence they were all sharing.

Filming ceased from that point on until the cast reunited to film the reunion, and while there did seem like a path forward for Garcia, she blew it by deflecting the blame and making cruel insults.

At one point, it seemed she would return to the show regardless of her relationship with the other women, but even viewers started to question what the show would like with her back if she couldn’t handle the heat.

Monica Garcia has been let go from RHOSLC, but could she return?

While we know that filming is getting underway on RHOSLC Season 5 very soon, Garcia is not a part of the cast.

But in the announcement’s aftermath, Andy Cohen noted that it was a break and could change.

Our best guess? Producers are waiting to see how RHOSLC Season 5 filming pans out. If it goes well, they won’t need Garcia.

If it falls apart, she’ll be drafted back when they need her to spice the show back up.

Garcia did have a significant impact on the show. There’s no questioning that, but a lot of skepticism surrounds whether she would sink or swim if given another chance.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently on hiatus at Bravo. It is expected to return in late 2024 or early 2025.

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