Lindsie Chrisley calls out Savannah Chrisley’s ‘lack of awareness’

Savannah Chrisley on the red carpet
Savannah Chrisley’s comments prompted Lindsie Chrisley to speak out. Pic credit: © Wise/AdMedia

Lindsie Chrisley isn’t happy about Savannah Chrisley’s appearance on The Viall Files, where she said nasty things about her big sister.

During an episode of her podcast Coffee Convos, which she hosts with Kail Lowry, Lindsie talked about the strenuous relationship between her and her younger siblings, Chase and Savannah.

Savannah made one comment about how Julie Chrisley treated Lindsie and Kyle Chrisley like her own children, but Lindsie didn’t do the same in return. Lindsie’s attorney spoke about Savannah lashing out against her big sister during this stressful time.

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But the feud between the siblings has been going on for as long as either can remember. Lindsie remembers her parents pitting her and Savannah against one another.

At one point before Todd and Julie began serving their time, the siblings reconciled, but since then, there has been another bit of drama that caused Lindsie to block Chase and Savannah.

It’s becoming apparent the siblings can’t get along.

Lindsie Chrisley calls out Savannah Chrisley

During the most recent episode of Coffee Convos, Lindsie Chrisley opened up about why she had Chase and Savannah Chrisley blocked.

She posted something funny on Instagram, and Chase and Savannah texted her to tell her to “take it down immediately,” even though it was meant in fun. Lindsie complied and then blocked them.

Then, she found out what Savannah said while talking to Nick Viall on The Viall Files. The comments she made about how Lindsie treated Julie Chrisley weren’t something she was happy about.

Lindsie said, “[Julie] could have hung the moon, but she still wasn’t my mother, and I still had exposure to my mother, and I still had all of those traumas before they were ever even born or brought into the picture. And so, it’s easy to sit and say things without having true life experience and witnessing say of these things.”

She also noted Savannah’s lack of awareness and empathy.

Lindsie Chrisley offers to work things out ‘privately’

After discussing the biggest point of contention between the siblings, Lindsie Chrisley’s role in Todd and Julie Chrisley’s indictment, the oldest Chrisley daughter revealed that she would be willing to talk to her younger sister privately.

Savannah may be mad about Lindsie and the trial, but the reality is that Lindsie testified for the defense, not against her father and stepmom.

Lindsie ended things by saying, “Savannah knows how to get a hold of me if she wants to work this out privately, which it seems like she does not.”

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