Len Goodman made eerily accurate prediction about his death last year

Len Goodman may have predicted his death. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Len Goodman danced into the heart of millions with skill and grace on the dance floor, showing undeniable talent over the years.

But it seems Len may have had another skill under his belt as a prophecy teller.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Len died last week at the age of 78.

The news came just months after he announced his retirement from Dancing with the Stars last November. Before his retirement, Len served on the judging panel for 17 years. 

Additionally, Len’s death came just three days shy of his 79th birthday, which he was to celebrate today.

As it turns out, Len predicted his death in an interview he gave last year. In the interview, Len provided insight into his personal and familial life, including biographical information about his father.

Len Goodman makes an eery prediction about his death

Len spoke with the Daily Mail last year for an in-depth interview. The Strictly Come Dancing alum discussed his health battles, including prostate cancer and melanoma. He also mentioned his father’s death in a seemingly prophetic moment.

Len’s dad died from a stroke in his garden. According to Len, his father loved the garden and had the right idea when it came to dying. 

In the 2022 interview, Len revealed, “He was 79 so if I go the way of my dad, that’ll be next year.”

As for Len, he passed away days before his 79th birthday, less than one year after his prediction.

While Len’s cause of death remains unknown, his representative said he passed away “peacefully.”

Julianne Hough pays tribute to Len Goodman

Julianne Hough paid homage to Len, the dancer who was an inspiration to the Footloose star. Julianne and Len shared a special bond as coworkers and mentors/mentees.

In recent months, speculation swirled about Julianne replacing Len on Dancing with the Stars. The sister of Derek Hough also sparked rumors when she hinted at the possibility of replacing Len on the show herself.

In the wake of Len’s death, Julianne shared a heartwarming IG post, where she sang the praises of the late legend.

Her caption was filled with memories and kind words for the dancer.

Julianne’s caption began, “From the time we met when I was 10 years old competing in London, to my first time on DWTS and feeling at home because of your familiar face and warm embrace.”

She continued, “To then have sat by your side as a judge, rather partner, for so many years creating so many inside jokes and memories in the ballroom and outside of the ballroom.”

Dancing with the Stars is currently on hiatus.

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