LEGO Masters FOX premiere: New TV show debuts in USA

LEGO Master Builders
Krystle and Amie are two of the contestants on LEGO Masters Season 1. Pic credit: FOX

The LEGO Masters FOX premiere has finally arrived. This is a new TV show for the USA audience, but it comes from an idea that has been used in the UK and Ireland previous to this.

The LEGO Masters premiere episode airs at 9/8c on Wednesday, February 5. This is the time slot where the show will reside on each Wednesday evening.

It could be an advantageous time slot for the new reality competition show, especially as it follows a new episode of The Masked Singer. Viewers might just stick around to see what this new LEGO show is all about.

What is LEGO Masters?

The premise of the show is that people will put together LEGO creations during each episode. They take part in the show as duos and each new episode has a theme to go along with it.

For the LEGO Masters season premiere, the duos are each tasked with building one section of a theme park. It will all be combined at the end of the episode to form one giant LEGO creation.

On the second episode, they will be tasked with building a space-themed creation. For that episode, it has already been advertised that Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik will be a guest judge.

Everyone is competing for a cash prize, a trophy, and the title of LEGO Master this season.

Who is the LEGO Masters host?

Actor Will Arnett is going to serve as the host for LEGO Masters. He has heavy ties to the project, as he has played Batman in three different LEGO movies. That character voice is certain to appear at some point during the first season of LEGO Masters, especially with how recognizable he has become in pop culture.

Arnett will host each episode, but a lot of the time he is also going to be joined by guest judges to help determine the best builders. In addition to Mayim Bialik coming up on Episode 2, actor Terry Crews has been advertised by FOX as appearing on an episode soon as well.

It is expected that those guest stars will have a tie-in to the theme within each episode and it will surely be fun to see them taking part in the show.

When the LEGO Masters premiere arrives on FOX, there will be 10 duos competing for all the accolades. With no limit to what people can build within the themes of each episode, it will be very interesting to see what the imaginations of the competitors can come up with.

Make sure to tune in on February 5 to see how it all gets started!

LEGO Masters airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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