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Legends of the Wild exclusive: Is beast killing livestock the terrifying Manananggal?

Legends of the Wild on Discovery this Wednesday is on the hunt for a purported monster of the jungle down in the Philippines. Is this a mammal we know little about or is it a larger and more mysterious unknown?

Monsters & Critics has an exclusive clip above from this week’s episode of Legends of the Wild that takes us to the jungles of the Philippines, specifically to the overgrown green canopy that blankets the mysterious island of Luzon.

The clip shows the two hosts Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann climbing trees, interviewing a local resident, and camping at night while coming face-to-face with huge snakes and other nasty Luzon residents large and small.

One thing is for certain, the local people are afraid. The hosts are there for an explore and to hunt for this alleged jungle beast.

Some say it may be the rumored Manananggal, described as a vicious, female-formed vampiric and mythical creature which is “man-eating and blood-sucking.”

What happens on this episode of Legends of the Wild?

Damian Duffy
Damian Duffy is up for the challenge of Luzon as he and Matt hear stories of death and abductions, but from what? Pic credit: Discovery

In the jungles of Luzon Province, locals believe a vampire-like evil spirit has targeted local villagers and picked off vulnerable livestock, taking them away into the dense jungle without a trace.

Our two hosts dive deep into the humid undergrowth and are on the hunt for what could be a lethal predator, as the frightening behavior is not typical from big cat, bear or wolf.

Will they debunk the local theories that an evil spirit is hunting the people of the island? The two are naturalists and have a pretty daring sense of adventure.

They explore all possibilities and likely will discover what species is using the island as its own hunting ground.

Who are the hosts of Legends of the Wild?

The series follows two lifelong friends and wilderness experts, Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann, who use their combined skills in an attempt to document, discover and solve the most extraordinary mysteries of the natural world.

Damian is a former Australian army paratrooper and certified wilderness guide. He also describes himself as the Australian Matthew McConaughey and says he is an “Aussie F**kin’ Legend on his very revealing Instagram feed.

Despite his cheekiness, Damian is a bonafide naturalist who has made global exploration and wildlife research his life’s work.

Less of an exhibitionist is Matt Hoffmann who is a professional wildlife photographer and storm chaser. He, too, is an adventurer that isn’t afraid of dangerous situations and it the perfect foil to Damian.

Matt also wears more clothes.

Legends of the Wild airs Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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