Legends of the Wild exclusive: Searching the world for mysterious apex predators never seen before

Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann in action
Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann explore news items and hearsay that allege attacks from unknown beasts on Legends of the Wild. Pic credit: Discovery

The new Discovery series, Legends of the Wild, takes us to Brazil’s Pantanal area, where people have been dying of mysterious game attacks and beyond in the premiere.

Coming to the network next Wednesday, Monsters & Critics got the first preview of this new series where two lifelong friends and wilderness experts, Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann, will use their aggregate skills in a bid to “document, discover and solve” the most unusual and exhilarating mysteries of nature and vast global terrascapes.

The clip below shows the two hiding in trees and then finding jaguar — or some sort of animal — claw marks that are alarming. They also see a termite mound with the top ripped off — but by what?

All over the world, there are unexplained sightings and unsolved attacks on humans by animals not identified. The show examines why are new apex predators appearing out of nowhere, and so elusive and hard to identify?

What happens on Legends of the Wild?

The team will investigate startling reports about some strange animal attacks against humans, and even new apex predators changing the natural order. Are they invasive or migrating?

Also, sightings of unidentifiable mysterious creatures that nobody can explain are covered.

In the series premiere, Damian and Matt head to Brazil to investigate why Brazilian ranchers are turning up dead and gored by an unknown creature. There’s a swath of animal suspects from jaguars to caimans, but could the killer be something no one saw coming?

From investigating the possible return of a long-extinct deadly creature in Australia to trying to solve the mystery of disappearing villagers and livestock in the Philippines, Damian and Matt head out to search each week to find answers.

Then they have to make it out intact and still breathing! We are so in for this series, as Damian and Matt take us to Brazil and beyond in our exclusive preview below.

The brand-new series truly promises to be a wild ride across cross the planet, as there are startling reports about strange animal attacks against humans, new apex predators changing the natural order, and sightings of mysterious creatures that nobody can explain.

Whether the predators were invasive, migratory or hidden in plain sight, news reports and new research are what the entire Discovery team uses to explore areas where sightings and hearsay are proven to be true.

Who are the hosts of Legends of the Wild?

Damian Duffy is a former Australian army paratrooper and certified wilderness guide. He also fancies himself to be Australia’s Matthew McConaughey and says he is an “Aussie F**kin’ Legend on his Instagram.

Matt Hoffmann — a professional wildlife photographer and storm chaser — is an adventurer that isn’t afraid of dangerous situations.

Matt appears to prefer wearing clothes:

Discovery says:

With an unparalleled passion for wildlife, they’ve dedicated their entire lives and careers to taking on and capturing Mother Nature and its many wonders.

Together they journey deep into the wild – risking it all – to explore some of the world’s most hair-raising wildlife legends.

Legends of the Wild airs Wednesday, (premiering April 1) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

In addition, check out new episodes of Legends of the Wild each week by downloading the Discovery GO app. Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #LegendsOfTheWild and follow Legends of the Wild on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

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