Lea Cayanan blasted as a ‘mean girl’ by The Bachelor fans

The Bachelor contestant Lea Cayanan screenshot
Lea Cayanan is getting roasted online. Pic credit: ABC

Lea Cayanan went from The Bachelor sweetheart to villain in one episode, and now viewers are bashing her online.

The 23-year-old is being labeled a “mean girl” after her behavior in Episode 4.

Lea’s social media page is riddled with nasty comments from viewers who have completely changed their tune about her.

The brunette beauty was a front-runner for fan-favorite this season, but not anymore, thanks to her affiliation with Season 28 villain, Sydney Gordon.

Sydney was finally sent home by Joey Graziadei in an attempt to put an end to the drama once and for all.

However, once she left the mansion, Lea picked up where she left off.

Not only did she call out Madina for buddying up to Maria when Sydney left, but she also ran to Joey and added more fuel to the fire regarding the bullying claims.

Lea wasn’t done yet, after expressing disappointment that Maria wasn’t sent home, she mocked her for crying about being targeted first by Sydney and now Lea.

Lea Cayanan is being labeled a ‘mean girl’ over her behavior

After Lea made a complete switch from sweet to sour in the latest episode, Bachelor fans took to her Instagram page to call her out.

“How did go from throwing away a chance to steal a 1:1 out of respect for other girls to a rude mean girl? So disappointing,” wrote one commenter.

“You are more two faced than Sydney because where’s Lea from episode #1 at? Mean girl you isn’t it,” said someone else.

One viewer called Lea the “second most hated girl on the season.. pls become self-aware.”

Another commenter said, “Real talk Maria better be getting an apology at the Tell All. The psychological abuse she’s had to endure at the hands of Sydney and from the looks of it now you is genuinely sickening.”

Someone else also said, “Mean girls hang with mean girls.”

The Bachelor fans bash   Lea Cayanan
Pic credit: @lea.cayanan/Instagram

The Bachelor is back with another drama-filled episode

Meanwhile, it’s double the fun, and the drama for The Bachelor viewers this week, because another episode airs tonight.

Episode 5 features a dramatic conclusion to the cocktail party, as the women find out they are headed to Andalusia, Spain.

Plus, Joey has two one-on-ones and a group date followed by another emotional rose ceremony.

The episode ends with a sneak peek at what’s to come for the rest of the season.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode On February 13 at 8/7c.

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2 months ago

Actually I wish he would have sent Maria home along with Sydney, and anyone else that is hateful

liam michaels
liam michaels
1 month ago

mean , immature lea needs to grow up and be sent home. what a bit.h! aloha !