Laura Jallali claims Evelin and Corey have been married and are cheating on each other

Laura Jallali puts Evelin Villegas on blast
Laura Jallali delivered those receipts on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way castmate Evelin Villegas. Pic credit: TLC

Laura Jallali promised to put her truth out there after Evelin Villegas’ now-famous Instagram Live, where she dropped so much tea that John Yates called it the best Live he’s ever done.

It seems Laura wanted to give 90 Day Fiance fans a Christmas present in the form of some seriously juicy The Other Way gossip as the feud between Evelin and Laura gets even bigger.

Just days after warning that she was ready to drop some receipts, Laura shared a series of messages with Instagram blogger @tlcupdates that took direct aim at Evelin and Corey.

Laura claimed that Evelin and Corey had been married for some time now, and part of their 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way storyline wasn’t even real.

While the initial storyline about Evelin cheating on Corey may or may not be real, Laura claims Evelin has been stepping out on Corey for months.

Six pages of screenshots from the conversation with Laura were shared, and in them, she said Evelin has been cheating on Corey with a man named Richie since September. That’s why she won’t let Corey move back in.

Laura Jallali's claims against Evelin Villegas
Laura has delivered on her promise to put Evelin on blast. Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

But Laura didn’t just come with claims. She came with proof.

Evelin’s former friend sent several photos of her and another man, apparently Richie, and they look pretty comfortable with each other.

Laura Jalalli's receipts
Photos of Evelin and a man that is not Corey were shared in Laura’s conversation. Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

There were a lot of pictures of Evelin and her “other man.”

More pictures of Evelin and Richie
Even more of Laura’s receipts. Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

Seriously, there are a lot of pictures of Evelin and this man.

Evelin and Richie
Even more photos of Evelin and her “other man.” Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

Laura also claimed to have a photo of Evelin’s ID, which shows that she is married on it.

Evelin and Richie
Laura promised receipts and she certainly brought them. Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

Later, she posted that photo to her own Instagram stories, along with copies of most of the photos shared in these messages.

Laura shared a photo of "Evelin's ID"
Laura shared a photo of “Evelin’s ID” that says she is married on it. Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

What’s not clear is why Laura has a copy of Evelin’s ID.

Laura accuses Evelin of cheating
Laura shares even more tea about Corey and Evelin. Pic credit: @tlcupdates/Instagram

Laura also claimed Evelin and Corey are not together anymore, confirming that Evelin is in Panama and claiming Corey left Ecuador for Peru.

According to Laura’s shocking Christmas Day claims, Evelin was all for Corey living with her because she wasn’t letting him move back in due to the Richie situation.

But she said when they went on vacation to Salinas, Corey slept with another woman, and that made Evelin mad at all of them.

When Evelin spoke about her issues with Laura and how her move to Ecuador came about, she admitted that she was worried Laura would spill her secrets.

But Evelin also warned that she has receipts of her own, so it sounds like this 90 Day Fiance drama probably isn’t over.