Lance Bass wants to host a gay season of The Bachelor, calls on ABC to make it happen

Lance Bass wants to host a gay dating show like The Bachelor.
Following his Bachelor in Paradise hosting gig, Lance has an idea for his next job. Pic credit: ABC

Lance Bass wants to host a gay season of The Bachelor and has called on ABC to make it happen.

The NSYNC star just finished his three-episode stint as one of the rotating guest hosts on Bachelor in Paradise. It was a dream job for Lance, one he hopes to capitalize on to help the LGBTQ community.

Along with his love of hosting, Lance has been an avid Bachelor Nation fan since day one. It is one of the reasons the singer feels The Bachelor is the perfect franchise to feature a gay dating show.

Lance Bass wants to host a gay season of The Bachelor

There is no time like the present, according to Lance. The singer shared his desire for ABC to have a gay season of The Bachelor with Variety.

“If you want the most dramatic season ever, do an LGBT version,” Lance expressed. “I think maybe it’s the time for The Bachelor to do a gay Bachelor. I think that would be so much fun. And I definitely know a host if you need it.”

Although Lance is eager and ready to make a gay season of The Bachelor happen, there is nothing in the works just yet.

“I have not talked to anyone about that, but I would be so down,” he shared.

Why does Lance think Bachelor Nation is the perfect place for an LGBTQ dating show?

The former boy bander explained that LGBTQ dating shows are “so needed.”

Bachelor in Paradise already featured the first same-sex couple. In 2019, Demi Burnett came out as sexually fluid. Demi proposed to her girlfriend, Kristian Haggertyat the end of Season 6. They have since split, and Demi is back on Bachelor in Paradise, looking for love.

Demi’s story is why Lance feels Bachelor Nation is the best place for an LGBTQ dating show.

“I love the fact that they’re really branching out,” Lance said. “They’re doing the seniors next, which I think is such a great idea. I like that they’re trying different things, and I think the next step, the obvious step, would to be an LGBT version. I would love to see a show where you had lesbian, gay, trans, bi. To me, bisexual is just such an interesting thing to watch because everyone is an option.”

It’s time for ABC to step up and do a gay season of The Bachelor in Lance Bass’ eyes. The singer has even offered his services as host for the show.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Monday and Tuesday this week at 8/7c on ABC.

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