Lamar Odom addresses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce

Lamar Odom on the Wendy Williams Show
Lamar Odom talks on The Wendy Williams Show about Kim and Kanye’s suspected split. Pic credit: The Wendy Williams Show

Lamar Odom recently sat down via video chat from his home in Atlanta to talk to Wendy Williams about Kim and Kanye’s rumored split and got personal talking about his exes.

Wendy Williams wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions when Lamar Odom appeared on her show.

When asked about Kim and Kanye’s rumored split, Wendy brought up a story of Kanye singing Lamar back to wellness. Lamar elaborated, explaining that Kanye “used to played his music for me when I was coming out of that coma.”

He said that he always held Kanye in high regard and that mental health is “really, really important” during quarantine.

Lamar Odom offers his advice to Kanye West

When asked by Wendy if he had any advice for Kanye moving forward from his split, Lamar replied, “Just keep God first and always just do what’s best for you.”

Next Wendy asked Lamar if he ever talks to Kanye, to which he replied, “Nah. I don’t speak to anyone from over there, and that’s sad cuz we were, we’re all family, even to this day I can say they’re my family.”

It’s pretty clear that Lamar is interesting in mending relationships with the Kardashian family though. He indicated as much when Wendy asked him who he would like to speak to from the family first.

He answered, “Um, probably Kris, just to let her know that I love her and I’ll always consider her close to me, my mother figure.”

Wendy got emotional, saying, “Oh, Lammie,” her nickname for her friend.

Lamar Odom on The Wendy Williams Show on February 11 talks about Kim and Kanye’s split, his exes, and the Kardashian family. Pic credit: The Wendy Williams Show

Sabrina Parr put on blast

Based on Lamar’s interview with Wendy, it sounds like Lamar and Khloe have another unlikely connection. And one that the KUWTK star likely is not pleased about.

After shadily referring to Sabrina as ‘reptilian,” he went on to tell Wendy that he didn’t trust his ex and was always looking at her with “out the corner” of his eye, Wendy pushed him to tell her why.

Lamar said, “Like when she told me that she had slept with my ex-wife’s significant other.

He refuses to say names, but Wendy guesses it was Tristan Thompson, and Lamar gives the camera a look of realization. Wendy looks shocked and proclaims, “Damn!”

Wendy mentions that allegedly, Khloé is trying to have another baby with Tristan and that she’s forgiven him. Lamar looks uncomfortable, but replies, “That’s good. That’s cool.”

It has since been reported that Khloe Kardashian is aware of what allegedly went down between Sabrina and Tristan. According to Ok! Magazine, their fling happened “almost a decade ago.”

Lamar says he would marry Khloé again

Towards the end of the interview, Wendy hits Lamar with a tough question: “Do you regret cheating on Khloe, Lamar?”

He looks away from the camera, scratching his face, and says, “I do. She was good to me. She’s a good woman.”

Shockingly, when Wendy asks Lamar if he would marry Khloe again if the opportunity presented itself, he replies, “I’m fair game for that, but that’s you know, hypothetical, but I’d be fair game for that. The two split in 2013 and Khloé filed for divorce amid allegations that Lamar cheated.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns for its final Season on March 18 at 8/7c on E!.

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