Kyle Richards admits she regrets having her sisters on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH star Kyle Richards said that it is taxing to have her sisters on The RHOBH.
The RHOBH OG Kyle Richards admits that her toughest Reunions have been when her sisters were on the show. Pic credit: © Steffens/AdMedia

Kyle Richards revealed that she just had one of the most difficult reunion shows in her twelve years on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She said another tough reunion for her was after Season 5. And what do these two have in common?

The answer is both simple and puzzling – she had one of her sisters on the show each time.

Kyle had an intense fight with her sister Kim Richards during the RHOBH Season 1 finale. She outed her sister as an alcoholic.

During Season 5, the sisters were again in a bad place.

And this season, Kyle had a falling out with her other sister, Kathy Hilton, after Lisa reported that Kathy threatened to end her sister.

Lisa also said that Kathy threatened to end the show and the network and had vile things to say about most of the cast.

Kyle Richards regrets that Kathy Hilton joined RHOBH

Kyle said this weekend that she regretted having her sisters join the show. In an exclusive talk with Page Six, she told them that she’d rather “Watch The Exorcist on repeat” than have to relive Part 3 of the Reunion.

Next week, Kathy Hilton will join the ladies for the last part of the Reunion for an epic showdown between her and Lisa Rinna.

Kyle revealed that she had a lot of anxiety before her sister joined her on the couch. She said, “The emotions that I was feeling were coming from: I’ve already been down this road with my family before.”

The Halloween Ends actress said during the show that she wants peace in her family. Her oldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, is engaged and wants all her sisters, nieces, and nephews to attend the wedding.  

Kyle was also asked what she thought about Kathy issuing an ultimatum to RHOBH producers. Kathy said she won’t return to the show if Lisa and Erika Girardi are still castmates.

Kyle answered, “I’m not even going to touch that one with a 10-foot pole.”

Erika recently broke Kyle’s trust by revealing Kyle was happy that Lisa witnessed Kathy’s meltdown.

RHOBH viewers ask Kyle Richards to stand up to Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna has recently taken a low blow at Kathy Hilton. She reposted a fan saying that Kathy was responsible for her daughter Paris Hilton’s trauma.

The fan wrote that Kathy arranged for her daughter to be kidnapped, which resulted in an incredible amount of abuse.

Viewers said that Lisa’s action to repost this comment was vile. They called on Kyle to publicly defend her niece and call out Lisa.

An RHOBH fan wrote, “It’s weird to me that @KyleRichards doesn’t ever come to the defense of anyone in her family. Maybe when Rinna eventually starts in her daughters she’ll find her backbone.” The viewer added, “Rinna must have some bad dirt on Kyle.”

Another viewer wrote, “Kyle has yet to call out her bff publicly… even though she’s used Paris for clout over the years… It doesn’t matter that she’s mad at Kathy… this post was done to intentionally hurt them both…”

An RHOBH fan calls out Kyle Richards for not speaking out in defense of her niece, Paris Hilton.
Pic credit: @Mz_Poke/Twitter

It will be interesting to see if Kyle speaks out or takes to social media to stand with her sister and niece.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.  

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Lori T
Lori T
1 year ago

For real Kyle! The only reason she regret’s her sisters on the show is because you let Rinna jump all over them.You are the issue in your family not them. Who doesn’t defend their own sisters and let’s Rinna torture them. YOU! Rinna is no friend to you or anyone on that show. She already has a plan to see who her next victim will be. Trust me she has one you KYLE. Rinna went over the edge this season and she is the one who had the meltdown and breakdown. And this has nothing to do with her mothers passing. This is how she rolls since she’s been on the show. To bad the cast other than Kathy will stand up to her. Bully and hated in Hollywood yep Kathy got that right.