Kris Jenner critics call out noticeable face changes in closeup footage

kris jenner attends Los Angeles Ballet Gala
Online critics took aim at noticeable differences in Kris Jenner’s facial appearance. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

The Kardashians and Jenners often face harsh criticism for their appearance-altering ways, and the family’s matriarch is far from immune.

Viewers have previously referred to Kris Jenner’s cosmetic surgery from some of her scenes on Hulu’s The Kardashians.

On social media, Jenner shared recent footage to promote one of her famous daughter’s projects, but critics couldn’t help themselves from calling out her facial features.

Taking to Instagram, the momager was in promotional mode, touting her daughter Kylie’s new clothing brand Khy and their puffer jacket.

Jenner was glammed up in her video clips and wore a black sweater and a pair of black glasses in one clip.

In another video, she showed off a pair of 1970s earrings she wore and called New York City’s Joseph, Saidi, and Sons her “new favorite jewelry store.”

Critics called out Jenner’s eye and nostril

While Jenner’s videos were to promote products to her followers, the 68-year-old reality TV star’s eye and nostril drew scrutiny from online commenters. A Reddit forum post showed the footage Jenner had shared with commenters reacting to it.

“first kim with the wonky eye now kris? is there pink eye going around in the family or something? how can she see?” a commenter wrote on the forum thread.

Another commenter mentioned that Kris used to have a “wonky left eye for a good long while,” and it started “looking better.”

They speculated that all her plastic surgery may have made it less noticeable, but “It looks like it’s back.”

commenters on kris jenner face changes
Comments about Kris Jenner’s appearance. Pic credit: Reddit/KUWTKsnark/@ebop12

Further comments featured critics targeting Jenner’s nose, with one calling it a “Coke nose” and another suggesting she might have a “prosthetic nose.”

“This will be going into the Kris Jenner’s nostril files,” another commenter wrote.

redditors comment about kris jenner nose
More comments about Kris Jenner’s appearance. Pic credit: Reddit/KUWTKsnark/@ebop12

Kris’ face was criticized after Kardashians premiere and fashion show appearance

Some individuals speculated that Jenner has a collapsed nostril. Per The Sun, it was suggested after photos surfaced of the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch attending Victoria Beckham’s fashion show.

Earlier this year, Monsters and Critics reported viewers called out Jenner’s appearance during the season premiere of The Kardashians.

Online critics compared her look to that of the late Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and actress Liza Minelli.

Cosmetic procedures are nothing new for the Kardashians or Jenners. Kris Jenner admitted to getting a facelift 12 years ago after her daughter, Kim Kardashian, made “gobble gobble” remarks about her chin.

During a 2015 appearance on E!’s Good Work, Jenner denied having any work done on her nose. However, it’s been eight years since that appearance. A lot may have changed, and those changes may get noticed online with every social media update.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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