Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s ‘urgent family matter’ revealed after pregnancy health scare

kourtney kardashian attends E Peoples Choice awards in 2019
Travis Barker’s “urgent family matter” is rumored to have involved his pregnant wife, Kourtney Kardashian. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

An “urgent family matter” required Blink-182 to postpone shows in Europe as Travis Barker was with his pregnant wife, Kourtney Kardashian.

Among the shows that were indefinitely postponed for the popular alternative rock band were tour stops in Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin.

As the couple is expecting their first child together, it prompted fans’ concerns about Kourtney’s health and her baby, as she’s not expected to give birth until later this year.

She and her husband were seen leaving a Los Angeles medical center on Saturday night. Amid the situation, her mother, Kris Jenner, received criticism for attending a concert with Cory Gamble.

Many of Jenner’s followers asked about Kourtney and the baby. However, based on a recent reveal and a source’s remarks, Kourtney had returned home.

A source also mentioned that Kourtney was happy to have Barker at home following the health scare, with the reality TV star revealing doctors recently saved her baby.

A source indicated that Kourtney had a brief trip to the hospital

The “urgent family matter” that Barker and Blink-182 had to postpone tour dates for related to Kourtney. According to People, a source recently indicated that Kourtney was “feeling better” and is “back home now with her kids” after her trip to the hospital.

“She is feeling better. She is happy to have Travis back home too,” the source told People.

The brief hospital trip occurred this past weekend in Los Angeles, with Kourtney and Barker spotted leaving the medical center this past Saturday evening.

Per Page Six, Barker had shared several cryptic Instagram Story posts on Friday, ahead of Blink-182 postponing their European tour dates.

One photo was a shot of a closed door with a sign that said “Prayer Room. All welcome.” He also shared images of a “Together we pray” banner and a stained glass window, with no additional details given.

The photos may have come from Glasgow Airport in the United Kingdom.

Kourtney shared an update after her emergency hospital visit

On Wednesday, Kourtney took to Instagram to share an update featuring a black and white photo of her hand holding Barker’s. Based on the image, she had a tube in one arm and a bandage on her stomach.

“I will be forever grateful to my incredible doctors for saving our baby’s life. I am eternally grateful to my husband who rushed to my side from tour to be with me in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, my rock. And to my mom, thank you for holding my hand through this,” she wrote in her caption.

“As someone who has had three really easy pregnancies in the past, I wasn’t prepared for the fear of rushing into urgent fetal surgery,” she also shared.

She called leaving the hospital with her baby boy still inside her “the truest blessing.”

The IG post above included the first details about why Kourtney and Travis visited the medical center beyond People’s source providing an update about Kourtney.

Travis Barker had several health scares in 2022 and 2023

In 2022, Kourtney and Barker tied the knot, but several months later, the Kardashians star had to bring her husband to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center.

According to The Los Angeles Times, he was then transported by ambulance to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Taking to his Instagram Story in July 2022, Barker shared several posts in which he wrote about the scary medical situation that required him to get rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles, California.

“I went in for an endoscopy Monday feeling great. But after dinner, I developed excruciating pain and have been hospitalized ever since,” he revealed, adding that he had a small polyp removed in a “sensitive area.”

He shared that it led to “a critical pancreatic drainage tube” becoming damaged, which brought on “life-threatening pancreatitis.”

“I am so very, very grateful that with intensive treatment I am currently much better. Thank you God, I love you God,” he wrote.

Earlier this year, Barker required surgery to repair his hands following a series of injuries, including a dislocated and smashed finger. That surgery arrived in late February, just two weeks before Blink-182’s tour.

The Kardashians returns to Hulu on Thursday, September 23, 2023.

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