Kira Mengistu says she ‘carried’ first half of Bachelor in Paradise

Kira Mengistu
Kira Mengistu took credit for giving viewers content during the first half of BIP. Pic credit: @kiramengistu/Instagram

Kira Mengistu may give herself credit for “carrying” the early episodes of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise, but it doesn’t seem as if everybody is in agreement.

Since showing up to BIP on the first day, doctor Kira undoubtfully tried to stir up drama with her fellow castmates immediately.

However, after an unsuccessful attempt to steal Romeo from Jill and woo fellow free-spirit Jacob before the rose ceremony, Kira was sent home during last week’s elimination.

In an attempt to stir things up again, Kira appeared on the beach once more this week, where she initially attempted to convince Jacob to give her another shot. Viewers noticed that this was Kira’s second attempt at taking Jill’s love interest, as she and Jacob had just connected during a one-on-one date and seemed to have grown feelings for one another.

After a hard pass, Kira seemingly went with her backup plan, which was to go back to Romeo and convince him to leave the beach with her.

Although his apprehension to be with Kira was absolutely evident, he did end up leaving the show with her after all.

According to Kira herself, she takes the credit for being the reason Bachelor in Paradise has been drama-filled thus far.

Kira Mengistu says she ‘carried’ the first episodes of Bachelor in Paradise

Taking to Twitter after Tuesday night’s episode, Kira wrote, “Thank you all for your concern. My back has since recovered from carrying the first half of the season.”

Kira Mengistu's tweet
Pic credit: @KiraMengistu/Twitter

Although she may take all the credit, judging from the fan responses to her tweet, not many people seemed to have been concerned in the first place.

Fans disagree with Kira Mengistu over her BIP tweet

It was obvious that many fans did not agree with Kira on her blanket statement in regards to the show. One viewer even responded to her, “were we watching the same show, #BachelorInParadise ?!”

Another viewer asked, “What???? You carried what? Cringe on every level.”

Reply to Kira's tweet
Pic credit: @KiraMengistu/Twitter

“You absolutely did not carry so much as a grain of sand. All you did was make everyone feel uncomfortable as hell,” user @am_evermore replied back.

Reply to Kira's tweet
Pic credit: @KiraMengistu/Twitter

Others chimed in to really let Kira know how she appeared to them on their television screens. “You came across as super cringey and desperate. Please move on,” one viewer wrote.

Reply to Kira's tweet
Pic credit: @KiraMengistu/Twitter

Although Kira may have finally found her Romeo, there’s no telling whether or not she will be back on the Paradise beaches again this season to stir up the drama once more.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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