Kim Kardashian tweets about prison reform as Nathaniel Woods dies by execution: What went wrong?

Kim Kardashian seeks prison reform, fails to save death row inmate.
Kim Kardashian seeks prison reform, fails to save death row inmate. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kim Kardashian has shown the world that she’s more than a Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) reality TV star, seeking prison reform and advocating for those who she feels have been unjustly treated.

In one of her latest endeavors, Kanye West‘s wife focused on saving death row inmate Nathaniel Woods from execution. But even as Kim protested on Twitter, Woods was executed.

What did he do, and why did Kardashian try to save him?

Kim Kardashian tweets about death row inmate Nathaniel Woods as he is executed

In her prison reform mission, Kim has focused on individual cases that the KUWTK star feels have been unfairly treated.

Nathaniel Woods was one such case, with Kardashian teaming up with others to try to save him from death row, reported People magazine.

Woods, who was from Alabama, ended up on death row after he was convicted in the shooting death of three police officers. Although Kim sought to prevent the execution, Nathaniel was executed on Thursday.

Kardashian blamed the criminal justice system, explaining on Twitter why she felt that Woods had been unfairly treated.

Woods initially received a temporary stay of execution, but the court lifted it and, as Kim tweeted, “The governor will NOT save his life.”

Kim wrote that her “heart and prayers are with Nate and his family,” calling his execution “a tragic example of injustice in the system- in a few minutes Nate may die for a crime he did not commit.”

The mom of four young kids (Saint, North, Chicago, and Psalm West) posted her tweets prior to and following the execution.

Kardashian tweeted before and after the execution.

Kim Kardashian has experienced successes in prison reform

Woods received his death sentence after a capital murder conviction blamed him for the fatal shooting of Birmingham police officers Carlos Owen, Harley Chisolm, and Charles Bennett.

That shooting occurred when Nathaniel and his roommate Kerry Spencer were at home allegedly dealing crack cocaine. The officers were trying to serve them with an arrest warrant before the shooting.

Spencer, who shot the officers, also received a death sentence. However, the prosecutors claimed Woods was the mastermind behind the plot to ambush and kill the officers.

Nathaniel’s attorney, his family, and advocates, including Kim Kardashian, contended that Woods had not committed a crime that deserved death by execution because he did not pull the trigger on the gun.

Moreover, it was Spencer who confessed to the fatal shooting of the police officers.

But the efforts of Kardashian and others failed. Following Woods’ death, Kim tweeted, “RIP Nathaniel Woods.”

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