Kendall Long welcomes being a villain after Bachelor in Paradise

Kendall Long in red
Kendall Long remarks on the villainous reputation she has after Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 was quite the roller coaster and for some cast members, like Thomas Jacobs, it redeemed their reputation. However, for other BIP stars, the latest season turned them into a villain. 

Kendall Long was one of the featured members who got Bachelor Nation buzzing when she returned not once but twice to paradise to mend her relationship with ex Joe Amabile. 

Some Bachelor in Paradise fans did not like the way Kendall approached the situation, especially when she interfered just moments before Joe was about to propose to Serena Pitt.

Now that Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 has wrapped, Kendall has been outspoken about not letting the haters or judgmental comments stop her. Her latest social media post shows Kendall embracing some of the more negative labels she has been given since appearing on the show. 

Kendall Long accepts the villain label 

In Kendall’s latest IG post, she shared photos of herself wearing red and black while posing on a set of stairs next to two pillows with a devil graphic. She also licks a red ring pop.

Kendall’s telling caption reads, “Sure, I’ll be your villain…kinda has a nice ring to it.” along with a winking emoji and a heart on fire emoji. 

It seems that Kendall is very aware of those that are unhappy with her and productions interference in Joe and Serena’s engagement, but she appears fine with the villainous title and is even having fun with her new “bad girl” reputation. 

Kendall Long tried to hold back tears before the BIP finale 

While Kendall aims to breezily move on from the challenges of the show and seeing her ex get engaged, she did suggest that it was going to be a task to not cry when the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 finale aired. 

In an amusing TikTok video leading up to the BIP finale, Kendall filmed herself pretending to do various tasks while slowly losing it as audio repeatedly stated to not cry.

It’s likely that for Kendall, the most emotional part of the BIP finale was showing up one last time to chat with Joe and receive some semblance of closure from their relationship before Joe officially moved on. 

Kendall and Joe initially broke up because of location but this time around they went separate ways on the beach because Joe found love with someone new, and is still in a relationship with Serena currently. 

Kendall may not have found love during her second stint on Bachelor in Paradise but she seems to have found the humor in becoming a new villain within The Bachelor franchise. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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