Katie Thurston opens up about ‘simple yet complicated’ John Hersey breakup

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston opens up about the break-up. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston hasn’t said much at all since the news came out that she and John Hersey had broken up.

In fact, Katie said four words in her statement that announced her split from John, as she wrote, “no we aren’t together.”

While John wrote a much more detailed message regarding the twosome splitting, Katie hasn’t said anything else but that…until now.

Katie Thurston breaks her silence on split from John Hersey

During a Q&A with fans, Katie asked viewers to ask her any questions they wanted, or if they wanted her opinion or some advice, to speak up.

She then posted the questions and her answers to her Instagram story for all to see.

It was no surprise to anyone that one fan asked Katie about her breakup with John Hersey.

The viewer inquired, “Are you going to talk about what happened with you and John?”

Katie responded with more than she has said up to this point, as she wrote back, “This is a simple yet complication breakup given that we were best friends before dating.”

She went on to say, “We are on good terms so just finding a healthy balance of space in order for closure. At the end of the day, you just want the person you love to be happy and you support whatever path they want to take to find that.”

Katie Thurston opens up about the split from John Hersey.
Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Bachelor Nation fans’ reaction to this break-up

Since the duo broke it off, fans have been talking and speculating on what happened, and who broke up with who.

A lot of people seemed to find fault in Katie, thinking that John was too into her to be the person who broke it off.

While no one knows for sure what exactly happened, and if someone was to blame, or if it ended mutually, it seems the two are still friends.

In fact, they were seen together just days after the break-up, as they went to the San Diego County Fair with their mutual friends, which included fellow Bachelor alum, Tammy Ly.

Not only did they hang out in the group together, but John even re-posted a photo of Katie and Tammy on one of the rides to his Instagram story.

While Katie and John are no longer together, Bachelor Nation alums and fans only hope for the best for both of them as they move ahead to their futures.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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