Katie Maloney understands Pump Rules co-star Lala Kent cutting off friendship with Tom Schwartz

VPR star Katie Maloney.
Katie Maloney says she “can’t blame” Pump Rules co-star Lala Kent for cutting off her friendship with Tom Schwartz. Pic credit: ©

Katie Maloney says she “can’t blame” her Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent for ending her friendship with Tom Schwartz after finding out he spent time with her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett.

According to Katie, Lala’s decision to distance herself from Tom is a natural consequence of staying in touch with the film producer, especially considering she’s looking to go “no contact” with him in the near future.

Katie opened up about Lala’s decision while speaking to Us Weekly and sided with her friend over her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Katie Maloney sides with VPR co-star Lala Kent in her decision to cut ties with Tom Schwartz

While speaking to the media outlet, Katie shared her thoughts on the situation.

“I can’t necessarily blame her ’cause she just really doesn’t want any ties to [Randall] and she did make it very clear to everyone that that was the case,” she said.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Lala expressed her confusing feelings about her split. She explained that she wasn’t the kind of girl to ask her friends to choose sides in a breakup under normal circumstances. However, given the complexity of her breakup with Randall and the rumors of infidelity, Lala felt she was within her right to ask friends to pick a side.

At the time, Lala acknowledged she knew that Tom Schwartz was still following Randall on social media.

“Even if you pick his [side], it’s totally fine, but just know, like, I don’t f**k with you anymore,” she told Juicy Scoop podcast host Heather McDonald.

Given her previous explanation, Katie continued to tell Us Weekly it wasn’t surprising that Lala turned her back.

“…for anyone to choose to maintain and keep a relationship or friendship going [with her], we kind of knew that those were the breaks,” she said.

Lala wants to go no contact with Randall despite ongoing co-parenting agreement

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lala revealed she’s hoping to go “no contact” with Randall soon. This may seem challenging considering the pair share a 1-year-old daughter, Ocean. However, Lala says she’s willing to try “parallel” parenting.

“We parallel parent,” Lala told the host. “I’m trying to move to zero contact…we’ll see how that goes.”

Lala previously shared that she and Randall have “little contact” as it is, so is there a possibility that she could cut that time down to zero? Time will tell.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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