Katie Maloney admits to feeling ‘uneasy about things’ prior to split from Tom Schwartz

VPR star Katie Maloney.
Katie Maloney reveals she may have seen her divorce from Tom Schwartz coming. Pic credit: ©

Katie Maloney recently admitted she might have “subconsciously” predicted her impending divorce from her husband and Vanderpump Rules costar Tom Schwartz.

The couple, who announced their separation in March, has been relatively transparent with their fans and followers about their current situation and the demise of their marriage. Despite how raw their split has seemed, Katie previously shared that their split had been building up and wasn’t something that happened overnight.

In a podcast conversation with Kamie Crawford, Katie delved into her feelings before her separation from Tom, and according to Katie, she may have seen it coming.

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Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney may have ‘subconsciously’ known her divorce from Tom Schwartz was coming

While speaking on the Relations**t with Kamie Crawford podcast, Katie opened up about what led to the couple’s eventual split.

“Subconsciously [I knew] maybe longer because I was aware of these certain patterns and behaviors of things I was not okay with. I started to feel really uneasy about things,” she shared.

Katie continued to state she hadn’t wed Tom with any intention of getting a divorce down the line. She confirmed that was never in the plan.

“I didn’t put 12 years into this relationship. I didn’t marry this person because I ultimately wanted to get a divorce,” she continued.

Although the pair had been together for over a decade, Katie confessed that her complacency led her to lose sight of her own needs and prioritize other people’s wellbeing above hers.

“I felt like he was choosing everyone else in the room and in his life before me. I was like, I don’t know that I’m in love anymore,” she said. “It’s really scary because when you’re with someone for so long, and it’s so familiar and so comfortable and so safe, you don’t check in with those emotions.”

Katie and Tom prepare to move out of their home and into their own spaces

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Katie and Tom recently opened up to their followers on Instagram and gave them a glimpse at their current living situation.

While Tom admitted he could empathize with “unpaired socks” and noted the former couple’s dogs were now officially “Children of divorce,” Katie instead opted to show her followers the clear annoyance she was feeling while having to live “amongst a sea of boxes.”

VPR star Katie Maloney.
Pic credit: @musickillskate/Instagram

Thankfully, it looks like Katie and Tom will soon be getting a clean break as they’ve noted their time in their once shared home is ending.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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