Katie Flood reveals reason she was nice to Lexi Wilson amid Below Deck Med drama

Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean dishes being nice to Lexi Wilson.
Katie admits Lexi isolated herself from the crew after her drunken hot-tub and crew mess fights. Pic credit: Bravo

Katie Flood has revealed the reason she was nice to Lexi Wilson amid the Below Deck Mediterranean drama unfolding on Season 6.

Only a handful of episodes remain in the season, which has been plagued by Lexi’s drunken rage on the crew night out. Lexi continues to speak her truth that includes bashing Bravo and the show.

Viewers have been baffled as to how Lexi hasn’t been fired, a question Katie recently answered. The chief stew also shared why she remained nice to Lexi even when she was awful to the crew.

Katie Flood reveals reasons she was nice to Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Mediterranean

In a recent episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live, Katie opened up about being nice to Lexi even when the latter was far from it. The reason simply put was Lexi dealing with the loss of her father made Katie kinder towards her.

“I’ve never dealt with what happened this season before,” Katie shared. “Lexi was also going through a hard time. You know, we found out she loses her dad. I’m such an [empathic person]. That was really hard for me because I don’t like to beat somebody when they’re down, you know? But at the same time, this girl can’t act this way. It was a real struggle to me to find that balance instead of being like, ‘OK, sister. This is not all good.'”

The chief stew even recalled asking Lexi at one point if she was in the right environment to deal with such a personal tragedy.

Katie wanted Lexi to know that her mental health was so much more important than the show or job. Lexi was also offered support by the chief stew, even though it was a challenging situation.

Katie Flood was worried about Lexi Wilson’s response to Delaney Evans

One reason Katie was on the fence about bringing Delaney Evans on as a fourth stew was because of Lexi’s reaction.

“I really wanted to think about it whilst we’re in the middle of a charter, so there’s not a lot of time to really process everything. And then my main concern was I didn’t want Lexi to lose her s**t again. I didn’t want her to act the way she did that night, and I didn’t know,” Katie expressed.

Lexi kind of shut out the crew after the drunken hot-tub and crew mess brawl, which concerned the chief stew.

“She became really quiet, and she didn’t really communicate with any of us where she was at, even just being OK with what she was going through. She didn’t really talk to any of us about it, so I was really concerned,” Katie stated.

Despite their differences on Below Deck Med, Katie came to Lexi’s defense after learning she received death threats. There is no communication between the two stews, especially since Lexi blocked the cast on social media.

Don’t expect Katie Flood and Lexi Wilson to hash out their issues at the Season 6 reunion show. Lexi has already made it clear she won’t be attending the event.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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