Kathy Hilton reposts savage comment about Lisa Rinna

Kathy Hiltons isn't afraid to go against Lisa Rinna.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton has a clear message for Lisa Rinna. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kathy Hilton is on her second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she is not playing any games. 

She is using social media to hold her ground and send some clear messages. 

Kathy is feuding with Lisa Rinna who accused her of having an angry meltdown while they were in Aspen for the cast trip. Lisa said that Kathy was raging, breaking things, and threatening to take down the network. 

The other cast members admitted that Kathy was off and upset when she left the club where they were accompanied by Lisa. However, only Lisa is saying that Kathy went crazy and scared her. 

The Soap Opera star left Crystal Kung-Minkoff’s birthday party early, because she said she had PTSD from how Kathy acted a few days prior.

Kathy is not buying it. She reshared a post on social media that said that Lisa was jealous or threatened by her. The person wrote, “@lisarinna give it up. We’ve seen this same fake act after @lisavanderpump @deniserichards and now it’s @kathyhilton.”

Kathy Hilton reposts comments from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans

The critic added, “Anyone that gets too popular gets in her sights. Fake b**ch”

@queensofbravo reposted the whole thing and said that Kathy was, “Savage”, clearly loving it!

Kathy also recently reposted a fan who said Lisa is the one giving PTSD to them. They reposted a clip from Lisa yelling at Kathy’s sister, Kim Richards. 

The clip which is from a past cast trip to Amsterdam showed Lisa in an uncontrollable rage, throwing water in Kim’s face, attempting to grab her neck, and even breaking the glass on the table afterward. 

Lisa Rinna made some wild accusations

In last week’s episode, Lisa alleged that once they got to Kyle Richards’s house in Aspen, Kathy started screaming, she threw her glasses on the floor and stomped on them.

Lisa claimed that Kathy yelled, “I will destroy Kyle and her entire family if it’s the last thing I ever do.” She also made some other wild accusations.

During the episode, Lisa said in her confessional that Kathy was jealous of Kyle because Kyle had more than her and was more famous.

Viewers found that statement to be laughable, as Kathy has one of the most recognizable last names in the world. Moreover, Kathy is Paris Hilton’s mother. And Paris needs no introduction.

RHOBH critics are mocking Lisa Rinna

Some viewers took to social media with some receipts to defend Kathy.

One fan wrote, “Not Lisa Rinna saying that Kyle Richards is more successful than Kathy Hilton, when Kathy Hilton is literally the richest Housewife on the entire franchise. Shes worth more than 3x what Kyle is worth.”

Another viewer wrote, “It’s official, Lisa Rinna has LOST HER GOT DAMN MIND” adding, “If Kathy Hilton wanted/needed fame she would have joined the cast YEARS ago.”

When they were on their way to the club in Aspen, Kathy doubted that she would be let in because of her attire. Lisa responded that of course, she would get in, adding, “She is Kathy Hilton.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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