Kathy Hilton allegedly threatened to take down RHOBH and her sister Kyle Richards on Aspen trip

The RHOBH star Kathy Hilton is staying silent on the cast trip drama.
Kathy Hilton is at the center of the drama during the cast trip of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Pic credit: ©

Viewers have been waiting all season long for the cast trip of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

The ladies have been in Aspen for a couple of episodes now, and tonight all the drama will unfold. 

In anticipation of tonight’s episode, Bravo has released a clip of the ladies recounting Kathy Hilton’s alleged meltdown. 

However, Lisa Rinna was the only one present with her when it all went down. 

She said during her confessional, “We get in the sprinter Van, and Kathy starts screaming about everything. And she said things like I’m going to take down NBC, Bravo. I’m going to take down this show single-handedly.”

The ladies all explained that Kathy started getting upset at the club where they were in Aspen and wanted to go home.

The RHOBH star Lisa Rinna made huge accusations

Lisa agreed to take her home and apparently when they got to Kyle Richard’s house things unfolded in a very dramatic way. 

The Soap Opera actress alleged that Kathy started raging, breaking her glasses, jumping up and down, and even pounding walls. 

She said that the investor in Casa del Sol tequila screamed, “I will destroy Kyle and her entire family if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

Lisa added that Kathy said that she made Kyle and insinuated that her sister wouldn’t be anything without her. 

In the clip, Kyle said in her confessional that Lisa was giving Erika Jayne a play-by-play of the events as they were happening. She revealed that after she glanced at the Pretty Mess singer a couple of times, she dreaded going home. 

At one point, Sutton recounts her recollection of the events, and she said Kathy was, “A little off.” She said that she wanted to do the conga line. And then later demanded Sutton take her home. 

However, there is a world of difference between this behavior and Lisa’s allegations. And fans took to social media to doubt Lisa’s exposé.

RHOBH fans are standing by Kathy Hilton 

After the preview aired, fans took to social media to react to the clip. 

One viewer said that fans are unlikely to turn on Kathy based on Lisa’s words. They added, “Do I believe Kathy had a meltdown? Yes. Do I believe Lisa Rinna is embellishing the story? Also yes.”

Another fan questioned why there weren’t any cameras that captured footage or audio of the incident, adding, “Our source for this incident is… Lisa Rinna? GOT IT.”

@Tvdeets pointed out that if the story were true, Lisa would have recorded the whole meltdown since she already had her phone in her hand. 

They wrote, “Lisa Rinna had the time to text Erika as Kathy Hilton had a meltdown but didn’t bother hitting record on her iPhone? The story isn’t adding up.”

Viewers seem to have already formed their opinion and are standing by Kathy. It remains to see if their stance will change after the episode airs.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.


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1 year ago

Allegedly, according to Lisa Rinna off camera with no witnesses. Go back and watch the episode again. Yes, Kathy was angry for a few minutes and cursed…whoopie doo! Look at how Kyle behaved the entire trip – she was yelling, screaming, telling people off, cursing, and crying nonstop and now the focus is on Kathy? Also, re-watch the cameos. In all of them Kyle has nothing good to say about her sister Kathy. She belittles her and says ‘when she gets angry she stays angry a long time,” and “Kathy always gets lost,” and “I’m tired of having my feelings hurt and I always let my sister get to me (or something to that effect). Then you have Lisa Rinna acting as both the pot stirrer and the peace maker. It’s lunacy. At least by the end of the episode Kathy was composed and back on track and she even told Lisa Rinna that she liked her new hat, and she agreed to go to dinner with the other women…meanwhile Kyle was still screaming in people’s faces. So what if Kathy showed her human side for a few minutes – it wasn’t her best moment but why are Kyle and Lisa getting a pass? It doesn’t make sense.