Kate Chastain has been keeping herself busy on and off Below Deck Galley Talk

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain has been having a rich time on and off camera this holiday season. Pic credit: Bravo

When Below Deck figurehead Kate Chastain isn’t promoting her appearance on Galley Talk, she is still wearing many hats in her personal life which is evident in her social media postings.

Below Deck viewers watched the OG star for six seasons and many are still as curious about what she is up to as ever because Kate keeps her life interesting and still has ties to the show through Galley Talk and her continued relationships.

The Florida dweller may not be the chief stew at the helm of operations anymore but she does command a strong following of supporters and haters who are always eager to know what she’s up to.

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Kate Chastain has been keeping her self busy on and off of Below Deck Galley Talk

Below Deck Galley Talk has been popular among franchise fans since it is the only capacity viewers get to see some of their favorite cast in anymore.

Kate is paired up with Ben Robinson and the hilarious duo has great witty banter that brings a lot of value to the spinoff for fans.

Kate spends time on her Instagram promoting Galley Talk and her most recent post involved a pitch to followers to watch the latest episode which was a New Year’s Eve themed affair.

Kate has also been spending quality time with her loved ones this holiday season and posted a cute video of the kids in her family trying to pose for a picture with some other relatives.

Kate has also kept in close contact with many other Below Deck stars and attends functions where reunions of sorts take place.

In early December, Kate took a video where she was sitting down with Captain Lee and his wife, which signified that Kate was still a part of his life despite moving on from working together.

Kate Chastain has a tumultuous working relationship with a number of the stews working under her

Kate has received a lot of praise for her hard work on the job, her creativity, and her ability to multitask but she has also gotten a lot of flak for some of the relationships she had with stewardesses that went downhill.

Specifically, her working relationships with Simone Mashile, Caroline Bedol, Jenn Howell, and Rocky Dakota were filled with tense, inappropriate, and totally dramatic moments that Below Deck viewers will never forget.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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