Karen Huger: RHOP star charged with DUI following crash

Karen Huger on The Real Housewives of Potomac.
Karen Huger has been charged with DUI. Pic credit: Bravo

Karen Huger, one of the original stars of The Real Housewives of Potomac, has been charged with driving under the influence.

According to TMZ, the reality TV star crashed her 2017 Maserati on Tuesday evening in Potomac.

Before the crash, police reportedly described her as driving in an “aggressive manner.”

The 60-year-old allegedly “struck a median and crosswalk sign at an intersection before continuing on and colliding with a parking sign off the roadway.”

Huger spoke to the outlet about the situation and admitted that she was “doing fine” in the aftermath, but didn’t mention anything about being intoxicated.

She stated that the incident was down to “driving while in a super emotional state.”

Karen Huger opens up about the incident

The Bravolebrity said that she had gone to dinner that evening with a friend, and they talked about some “pretty emotional topics,” including her deceased mother.

Huger said that the conversation left her “bawling while trying to drive home” and she claimed to have swerved to avoid a car coming directly at her.

Huger is facing one count of DUI and is also facing an additional DWI charge, according to the outlet.

In addition, she was cited for negligent and reckless driving, driving over the speed limit, and driving with a suspended registration.

Huger remains a cast member of RHOP. The show is gearing up for its Season 8 reunion.

RHOP could be getting a reboot

Long seen as a diamond in the rough in the sprawling Real Housewives franchise, the show’s ratings have collapsed this season as fans revolted following its worst season.

The series hasn’t even been renewed for Season 9, and there’s a high chance a revamp is in the cards if the show does secure a renewal.

RHOP had seven perfect seasons, so it’d be a shame if the network canceled it due to one bad season.

Huger is the self-proclaimed “Grande Dame” of Potomac and has long been a fan-favorite on the show, so it’s hard to imagine RHOP parting ways with her.

Could RHOP Season 9 production capture the aftermath?

If anything, producers will probably accelerate production on the new season to capture the aftermath, assuming Huger is in contention for a comeback.

Huger’s and co-stars Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, and Gizelle Bryant’s future on the show likely hinges on the reaction to the upcoming reunion.

After a season of non-events, we’re wondering why there’s a reunion in the first place.

The biggest flaw is the show’s inability to switch things up. We never thought we’d be sitting here saying that Mia Thornton is the most likely to return.

But at least she’s willing to film with any of the women.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo. Stream Seasons 1-8 on Peacock.

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28 days ago

I don’t watch the Potomac because of two people. Candace with the fake tear dabbing at her eyes only to remove mascara, and Gizelle Bryant. Robyn is hanging at the cliff because she seems to let Gizelle manipulate her.