Kailyn Lowry admits to sleeping with Javi Marroquin as he tries to win Briana DeJesus back

Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry photographed on vacation together
Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry have grown close Pic: Instagram

Kailyn Lowry is dropping some major tea on Teen Mom 2 tonight. After meeting up with Leah Messer, the two find out they have way more in common than they thought.

Teen Mom 2 is filmed months prior to airing and now, fans are seeing what really happened after Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin broke up. It was filled with plenty of drama, and Kailyn Lowry found herself in the middle of it all.

In the sneak peek, Kailyn Lowry is seen talking to Leah Messer over a meal. The Teen Mom 2 stars are catching up and dropping some major bombshells.

Jeremy Calvert talked about getting back together with Messer on a previous episode, and she tells Lowry that the two recently hooked up.

As it turns out, Kailyn Lowry also has a similar story. She hooked up with Javi Marroquin too. When Leah Messer begins questioning her friend, Lowry alludes to the hookup possibly happening while Maroquin was in a relationship with Briana DeJesus.

This has caused a lot of emotions from the people involved. Kailyn Lowry was also supposed to have been in a relationship with Dominique Potter when this happened, something she spoke out about on social media. Briana DeJesus is still tweeting about Lowry, and it isn’t anything positive.

Aside from the confessions from Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, Teen Mom 2 fans will also be able to see Javi Marroquin show up in Florida shortly before Briana DeJesus has her surgery. Back when it happened it was reported that he was attempting to make things work with her, but now, it looks like things didn’t go as planned as the camera rolls.

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights on MTV at 9/8c.

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