Justin Glaze claims Greg Grippo had an alter ego on The Bachelorette

Greg Grippo has another whole character inside of him. Pic credit: ABC

By the end of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, many viewers had become skeptical of who Greg Grippo is exactly. 

While on the show, Greg went from a shy and lovable fan favorite to someone fans viewed as a gaslighting villain with ulterior motives. 

Katie Thurston even went so far as to accuse Greg of being a liar who wanted to build up his acting career, and she suggested Greg isn’t shy and timid but rather a cocky Jersey boy.

With all these different takes on Greg’s true personality, Justin Glaze has offered insight into a different side of Greg that he calls his alter ego. 

Greg Grippo’s alter ego is named Greggory James 

Recently, Justin Glaze spoke on The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous podcast and gushed about his friendship with Greg Grippo and Greg’s alter ego, Greggory James. 

Justin explained that Greg would play a character in the house called Greggory James, a prolific and playfully pretentious poet. 

The poems Greggory James would come up with were quite entertaining to Justin and their fellow castmates since the poems often related to whatever was going on in the house. 

Regarding the poetry of Greggory James, Justin shared, “They’d be so dumb that you’re like, ‘This is a masterpiece.’” According to Justin, Greg would dramatically conclude his poetry by dropping his pen, flipping his hair, and walking off.

Justin stated that he’d often beg Greggory James to write him a poem, but Greggory would only recite his poetry when he was ready. Justin told the podcast, “You would ask him to write one, and he would be like, ‘The time is not now’ You don’t question Greggory James.” 

Fans got to see a glimpse of Greg’s alter ego during the Mens Tell All. In an unaired clip, Greg and some other men joked around by speaking in exaggerated fancy accents, allegedly similar to the one Greg would speak in as Greggory James. 

Justin Glaze defends Greg Grippo’s character

Justin clearly thinks highly of Greg, and his recollection of Greg’s humorous alter ego certainly shows Greg in a more lighthearted light than his original depiction on the show. 

While Greg’s acting ability was a source of comedy for the men in the house, his acting school past became a source of drama both in and outside of the show, with many accusing Greg of being insincere. 

Justin considers Greg to be one of his best friends and stands by his belief that Greg is a good man despite the way he was portrayed on television. 

Justin shared that he thinks the trauma and stress surrounding Greg contributed to his poor behavior and led him to do things he regrets. After Katie’s season ended, Greg did admit that he has a lot of healing to do and regrets acting like a “petulant child.” 

As much as Justin loves Greg, he did admit to the podcast, “I think I like Greggory James more than I like Greg. Say what you want about, Greg, but get to know Greggory James.”

The Bachelorette airs Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC.

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