Greg Grippo says he regrets acting like a ‘petulant child’ on The Bachelorette

Greg Grippo from The Bachelorette.
Greg Grippo thinks he could have handled himself better upon reflection. Pic credit: ABC

Not too long after the airing of Greg and Katie’s explosive reunion on After the Final Rose, Greg spoke to former Bachelor, Nick Viall, on his podcast The Viall Files to reflect on his journey and his issues along the way.

Similar to comments made by Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick made it clear to Greg that he didn’t like the way Greg went about his breakup with Katie, despite agreeing that his feelings were valid. 

Nick expressed his disappointment in hearing Greg say that he had no regrets on the finale, however, Greg confessed on the podcast that he does actually have regrets. 

Greg Grippo is pained and humbled after the show 

Greg admitted he came off as a petulant child in his fight with Katie and was ashamed of the way he acted. Greg acknowledged that Katie didn’t deserve to be treated the way he treated her in their final moments before going their separate ways. 

Greg also revealed that the first time he saw the playback of their argument was during the finale and shared that it was uncomfortable to watch. He describes the whole situation as very humbling and painful. 

On the podcast, Greg was also asked to address the acting rumors that led fans to think Greg was faking emotion for the camera and Greg was eager to clear things up. 

Greg explained that he had always been a basketball player first but then he got into acting classes during a time where he didn’t know where to go in life and wanted to explore his creative side. 

Greg credits acting for breaking down a lot of his walls and insecurities and for the way it taught him to be present. However, Greg also missed a lot of classes because he was taking care of his ailing father, so he never went to an audition in his life and never got into acting as much as the public believes. 

Greg essentially revealed that he wishes the rumors of his behavior being all an act were true because it would be better than the harsh reality that his behavior was real and has shown him he has a lot of personal work and healing to do. 

Greg calls his love for Katie ‘unhealthy’ 

With the season coming to an end, Greg expressed that he’s been doing a lot of reflecting and believes that he and Katie’s love was not coming from a healthy place. 

Greg shared that he and Katie’s love was unhealthy because he was projecting a lot of his own anger and sadness on Katie and was also putting too much pressure on her to be his main source of happiness. 

After abruptly losing his dad, who Greg recalls as an incredible man, Greg had sought therapy and then faced the sudden and devastating loss of his therapist as well. He was in an unhappy space for a long while and it wasn’t until meeting Katie that he felt joy again, which contributed to why he lashed out and took it so hard when he started to sense he was not going to be the one she chose in the end. 

Greg acknowledges that there is a lot of trauma for him to still unpack and he’s trying to learn from his time on The Bachelorette because he knows he can be so much better once he properly tends to his heart. 

As he stated in his first post since the finale, Greg is ready to move on to the next chapter.

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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