Julianne Hough’s fans worried about DWTS veteran after scary video

Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars
Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/ImagePressAgency

Julianne Hough has scared her fans more than once in recent Instagram photos and videos.

Recently, Julianne told fans how she seriously injured herself in a dance number, and fans worried about her health.

However, that incident was in the past and it was just Julianne remembering the scary time with her fans on social media.

Now, Julianne has shared a video on her Instagram account that has her fans worried about her safety.

Julianne Hough shares video of herself jumping over the clouds

In the new Instagram video, Julianne celebrated the start of the new year by showing herself performing a cheer-style jump.

Fans were immediately worried because it looked like she was on a seemingly precarious ledge above the clouds.

“1st week of 2022 down and feeling high on life! Grateful for all that has transpired so far and ready for what’s to come!” Julianne wrote in the caption.

“What’s been a highlight from the 1st week of 2022 for you? Share below,” she added.

She also wrote, “Soaring above the clouds these days” over the video.

It did look scary, as it seemed she was very high in the air.

However, while fans freaked out and worried that she might be in danger of falling with such a crazy stunt, there is a little behind-the-scenes info they need to take into effect.

This stunt was for a Julianne Hough ad

There was no green screen involved and Julianne’s jump was really as high and scary as it looked.

However, this was nothing new.

This was from an ad that Julianne Hough shot in the MPG By Julianne Hough – Fall 2017 Collection.

Here is the video, which includes some behind-the-scenes looks at the jump itself. As you can see, it was high in altitude, but was a professional video shoot.

The other scary story from this past month included Julianne saying she suffered a serious accident in a dance routine.

Once again, this was old news, as the routine was from the 2019 NBC Christmas special Holidays with the Houghs, where she danced on skates for the first time.

Her brother Derek spun her around and she suffered from burst blood vessels and capillaries in her head at the time.

This is just Julianne Hough showing how fearless she is, and most fans should understand that both of these incidents were years in the past.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing competition reality show should return in late 2022 for Season 31.

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