Joy-Anna Duggar reveals Austin Forsyth wears many hats

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Joy-Anna Duggar gushed over Austin Forsyth. Pic credit: TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar shocked fans by revealing all of the jobs Austin Forsyth can do. They celebrated his 26th birthday, and for the occasion, she posted facts about him on Instagram.

It is worth noting that Austin Forsyth and his son, Gideon, look so much alike. While Joy-Anna Duggar praised her husband, it was precious to see how much the father and son duo look alike.

Austin Forsyth is a man of many talents. Not only is he a house flipper, but he also helps as a camp counselor in the summer, owns an excavating business, is a firefighter/EMT, is a pilot, and he holds a commercial contracting license.

That’s right — Austin is a jack of all trades.

Little by little, Joy-Anna Duggar has filled in Counting On viewers about Austin Forsyth. The most-known job is house flipper. The couple had been living in a camper while they moved around from house to house as they fixed them and sold them.

Recently, they moved into a home they purchased and are currently getting settled into it.

As Joy-Anna Duggar gushed over her husband, she made sure to include what a good husband and father he is. The couple experienced a heartbreaking loss back in June when their 20-week ultrasound revealed their little girl was no longer alive.

Austin Forsyth remained by his wife’s side, and the two buried Annabell Elise at his family’s camp.

The post on Instagram made it clear that Joy-Anna Duggar appreciates her husband. She gushed about him and made sure to let the world know she was very happy with him.

Austin Forsyth has been a little more reserved, though Joy-Anna made it clear that he is outgoing once people get to know him. That came following people making comments about him being “strange.”

It is clear that Joy-Anna Duggar loves her husband, and celebrating him was something she was excited to do.

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