Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Instagram: Does he have a solo account?

Austin Forsyth with Gideon Forsyth.
Austin Forsyth appears to have a separate Instagram account from his shared one with Joy-Anna Duggar. Pic credit: @austinandjoyforsyth/Instagram

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar share an Instagram, or so everyone thought.

They are one of the few married couples who have a joint account as several of her siblings and in-laws have their separate accounts from their spouses.

A new Instagram account, austin4site, has popped up.

The Duggar family has had several accounts impersonate them, but this one appears to be Austin Forsyth. So why would he branch off from Joy-Anna Duggar?

Austin’s new Instagram

The buzz about Austin Forsyth’s reportedly new Instagram account began swirling over the weekend. The name on the account seems legit as austin4site is how his name would be spoken.

With just 21 accounts followed, there was some speculation about whether it was real or not. The chosen accounts are Duggar family members and even the account he shares with Joy-Anna Duggar.

Carlin Bates is also included on the list, and she is Joy’s bestie.

There has been no confirmation that this is a legit account yet. By all appearances, it looks like it could be, though, which has helped to increase followers.

Currently, the austin4site account has 246 followers. The confirmed account of Austin and Joy-Anna follows it back, which gives it a bit more credibility.

Austin Forsyth's possible Instagram alt account.
This may be Austin Forsyth’s alternate Instagram account. Pic credit: @austin4site/Instagram

Why would Austin need a separate Instagram from Joy-Anna Duggar?

Speculation about this separate account has been rife.

If it is Austin Forsyth’s account, he wasn’t trying to be sneaky. While some have suggested he wanted to run things his way, it is likely nothing to do with control.

It looks like this new Instagram may be a work-related thing for Austin Forsyth. He and Joy-Anna Duggar do a lot of work on houses, and this would be another tool to show off their upgrades and improvements.

Having only his name on it would make sense, especially keeping it separate from their home and family life.

Branching out to showcase his work is a great idea. Social media is a big tool when owning and running a business, and if that is the reasoning behind his split from the main account, Austin Forsyth made a good choice.

Right now, neither Austin Forsyth or Joy-Anna Duggar have talked about the account. There may be a “go follow” announcement on the horizon.

For a newer account though, 246 followers is a pretty good start to building a following.

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