Joy-Anna Duggar allows younger Duggar sisters to watch TV

Joy-Anna Duggar Counting On confessional
Joy-Anna Duggar broke the Duggar rules with her sisters. Pic credit: TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar did her weekly vlog drop, which was a bit different.

The Counting On star documented the week Austin Forsyth went elk hunting.

She had a sleepover with her younger siblings, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordan, and Josie Duggar. There was another little girl there, too, and Joy referred to her as “cousin Emily.”

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It seemed she only filmed a few snippets of the sleepover, explaining they were making a late dinner of corn on the cob and chicken. Doesn’t that sound Duggar-ish?

Everything else seemed ordinary, as she had the girls in the living room, and Gideon and Evelyn were already asleep for the night.

However, Joy broke one of Jim Bob Duggar’s most important rules with her younger siblings.

Joy-Anna Duggar allows sisters to watch TV shows

Television has always been something banned in the Duggar home. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t want their children watching anything (because knowledge is power) that wasn’t preapproved first.

They did view some things for a school lesson and, later on, watched some of their own shows, but it was always heavily monitored.

Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she and her sisters would watch some shows. She named I Love Lucy and Hogan’s Heroes as possibilities. That was stunning in and of itself because I Love Lucy is nowhere near something the Duggars would allow.

In the vlog, she shared a clip of an old movie they watched called Support Your Local Sheriff and some home renovation shows (probably something Joanna Gaines as they love Magnolia in Texas).

Duggar Sister’s Sleepover | My Bestie Carlin Comes to Town

Have Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar relaxed their rules for their younger daughters?

Are there new rules at the Duggar compound?

That seems to be a possibility based on Jana Duggar wearing pants and Joy-Anna Duggar allowing her younger sisters access to television shows and YouTube.

Interestingly enough, Joy felt comfortable sharing that on her vlog, which means she won’t be worried about whether her mom and “Pops” see it.

Given how Jinger Duggar was received for wearing pants and breaking the Duggar dress code less than a decade ago and how Jill Duggar describes the tension between her and the family in Counting The Cost, it seems Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have loosened up a bit.

It appears the girls had a good time with their big sister, and Joy consistently hangs out with her younger sisters. With Josie turning 14 in December, they will all be adults soon.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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