Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA teasing big travel plans for the future

Shannon and Josh from Love Island USA
Shannon and Josh from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @_josh.goldy_/Instagram

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair have teased big plans for their future and it looks like they might be making some big travel plans.

Josh teased this on his Instagram account and Shannon’s response might have hinted at their first stop.

Josh and Shannon possibly making big plans

Josh took to Instagram and asked his fans for some advice.

It might have been just a random question, but it had Josh sitting in a chair with his hand on his chin thinking about something.

The caption read, “Where to next? Comment your favorite place to travel to below!”

The comment below it was from Shannon, who answered simply, “Thailand,” with a smiling face emoji.

Josh Goldstein IG
Pic credit: @_josh.goldy_/Instagram

Could this be a hint at the next stop for Josh and Shannon as their post-Love Island USA journey continues?

Josh was a college baseball player before he went to Love Island USA and Shannon was a former cheerleader in Philly. Now that they have achieved reality fame, they have a chance to live their best lives.

Josh Goldstein has over 213,000 Instagram followers and Shannon St. Clair is sitting at just over 297,000, and with those followers, the two have a chance to make close to $500,000 a year as social media influencers.

Josh is also working as a model for E-Studios Photography.

If they want to travel, they have the perfect opportunity right now.

Josh and Shannon post-Love Island USA

Josh and Shannon left Love Island USA early when Josh’s sister died suddenly and unexpectedly.

They gained a lot of fans on the show and even more when they left, as they proved they were a fit in the real world as well.

Josh has hinted that they might be looking at getting a place together in Florida, but when fans asked about marriage possibilities, he told them to slow down.

He knows that the two need to take it slow and get to know each other better before taking a step that big.

They recently shared a new date vlog on their growing YouTube page, as they took a trip to California for the date.

Josh and Shannon were also at the Love Island USA reunion and parties with the rest of the cast in both New York City and Los Angeles.

They also posted some fun pictures and videos from a double date they took with fellow Love Island USA fan favorites, Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Relive the third season right now on Paramount+ streaming.