Jorge Nava sentenced to prison: 90 Day Fiance star behind bars for felony marijuana possession

Jorge and Anfisa Nava sitting in their kitchen
Jorge and Anfisa Nava shared news of his sentencing on their YouTube channel. Pic credit: Anfisa Nava/YouTube

Jorge Nava is headed to prison, leaving 90 Day Fiance viewers wondering what will happen with him and wife Anfisa. The pair shared news of Jorge’s sentencing on YouTube, explaining exactly what happened and why.

Anfisa opens by explaining that they have been before the judge and know how long his sentence will be. Then she says that they are just going to share the information with fans rather than wait for rumors.

The 90 Day Fiance star later had to correct the length of Jorge’s sentence in the comments on YouTube. She wrote, “Hi guys… I was finishing editing this video after I found the actual outcome and I’m shocked by what Jorge got.”

It turns out that Jorge Nava’s sentence is much longer than he expected, something else that he discusses in the video.

While looking at up to 24 years in prison, Jorge opted to take a plea deal in order to ensure that he doesn’t end up behind bars for decades.

Jorge Nava discusses traffic stop

In the video, Jorge also explains how he felt like he had been profiled when he was searched during a traffic stop, believing there was no reason to pull him over in the first place.

He also said that if citizens have to obey the laws then police should too. But it’s not clear what he thinks was illegal about his traffic stop that turned into a marijuana bust.

“I just feel like if us citizens have to obey the laws, there shouldn’t be anybody else with more authority,” Jorge explained. “They should be trying to help the community. Obviously they pulled me over and I had stuff in my car, but still I don’t feel that it was fair.”

“I did not have any type of smell. I do not smoke marijuana. I do not drink. He said I might have been drinking or using any excuse to search my car. He asked my permission to search the car.”

Initially, Jorge reportedly declined having his car searched so the officer waited for a drug dog and after a scent was detected, they had enough cause to search without his permission.

A repeat offender?

It turns out that this was not Jorge Nava’s first conviction, with him saying he’d been done for “cultivating marijuana” twice before.

Despite being an apparent repeat offender, Jorge argued in the video that it wasn’t a violent offense, and that the possibility of 24 years behind bars was both “absurd” and “unfair”.

Jorge Nava signed a plea deal, though, meaning he pled guilty to the marijuana charges as a class 4 felony instead of the class 2 felony he was initially charged with.

The deal carried a maximum of 2.5 years in prison with a minimum of just one year.

Jorge Nava sentenced

When Jorge went to court to find out what his sentence would be, it turns out that he was given the maximum allowed on the plea deal.

Earlier in the day, Anfisa mistakenly reported that he was sentenced to 22 months. It turns out, he’ll be doing hard time for the next two-and-a-half years.

Despite getting the maximum time on the plea deal, even Jorge had to admit that it could have been much worse.

Jorge was hoping for a lighter sentence, closer to the one-year minimum. He even asked 90 Day Fiance fans to pray for favor but that just wasn’t enough to sway the judge.

Jorge Nava has already been taken into custody. Anfisa confirmed that her husband was already serving his sentence on Twitter, in a post where she began complaining about T-Mobile.

Because Jorge can’t have his phone in prison, the couple want to end their contract. Anfisa tried to do it herself but she wasn’t authorized to terminate the service.

With Jorge behind bars, what will happen with 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? The TLC hit is currently between seasons and one can imagine that they would be interested in filming Jorge and Anfisa’s legal drama.

Will Anfisa continue on the show with Jorge? And will she wait for him?

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