Jonathan Rivera divorce update: 90 Day Fiance star claps back at cheating rumors, denies Fernanda Flores ‘abuse’

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores from 90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance’s Jonathan shared his final word on divorcing Fernanda Flores. Pic credit: TLC

It’s no secret that Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores’ marriage didn’t end well. The 90 Day Fiance stars have been at odds with each other for months with Fernanda moving to Chicago to pursue modeling while Jonathan moved on to pursue another woman.

Even though both Jonathan and Fernanda have moved on, lately, both have been speaking up about their split as speculation about why their marriage ended continues to circulate.

It all started when a blogging site reposted quotes from Fernanda on Instagram about Jonathan being broke and owing taxes as seen below.

He responded in the comments section of that post, denying many of the accusations that have been made against him recently.

“To set the record straight — I never cheated on her. I met my girlfriend months after our separation,” Jonathan wrote. “I never ‘abused’ her, I never threatened her, I never neglected her, I gave her everything I had and treated her with nothing but respect. I was patient but knew it had to end when she showed me who she really was. I will no longer be responding to these outrageous allegations. I have officially signed the divorce papers I am happy and moving on with my life.”

Jonathan Rivera responds on Instagram
Jonathan Rivera responds to Fernanda’s claims that he’s broke. Pic credit: @90dayfiancenews/Instagram

After Jonathan debuted his new girlfriend, whose identity still remains under wraps, there were rumors floating around that he may have cheated on Fernanda as he seemed to move on from their marriage pretty fast.

However, in his latest Instagram statement, Jonathan made it clear that he started dating his new girlfriend after he and Fernanda separated. He also shared that the divorce papers have been signed and soon, Jonathan and Fernanda’s divorce will be official.

While Fernanda never waged specific abuse allegations against Jonathan, she did make a comment on one of her own Instagram posts last month about how women shouldn’t have to put up with a “lack of respect and abuse” simply because the man is the provider.

That comment spurred speculation about what may have happened to split the 90 Day Fiance couple up, which is likely why Jonathan commented on abuse in his recent statement as well.

Now that Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores are on the road to divorce, they both seem pretty happy without each other even though both have continued to throw shade in recent months.

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