Jon Walters calls out 90 Day Fiance couples that disrespect each other on TV for money

Jon Walters on 90 Day Fiance
Jon Walters is speaking out about a few couples who have recently graced 90 Day Fiance screens PIc credit: TLC

Jon Walters has never been one to hold his tongue when he has an opinion about 90 Day Fiance or anything else. He’s known for being incredibly outspoken, brash, and a firm believer in being real.

We can’t fault him for that. After all, Jon and Rachel Walters are one of the realest couples to have ever graced our screens on Sunday night.

So we’re not really surprised that Jon has spoken out, along with some of his fans, about some of the wild and clearly rating-inducing storylines that are playing out this season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

Jon Walters calls out fake 90 Day Fiance couples

It all started when Jon Walters, trying to stir up a bit of conversation, asked his followers who he should interview next. Plenty of suggestions came flooding in including those who wanted him to figure out if Varya Malina is still with Geoffrey Paschel and others who really wanted him to get ahold of Michael Ilesanmi and talk to him away from Angela Deem.

That’s when the conversation shifted to the current state of drama on Happily Ever After? where Angela and Michael are anything but happy. In a recent episode, Angela even told her attorney that she’s ready for a divorce, which has been a huge surprise for 90 Day Fiance fans.

Then, one of Jon’s followers, without naming Angela or Michael, complained about how being on the show seems to have turned into an excuse to be verbally abusive to each other in the name of entertainment.

Jon quickly replied, explaining that “when your relationship is 75% faked for tv and you are only together to get another season it’s easy to be disrespectful. Disrespect = money in reality tv. Transaction relationship for fame are just scummy people – they think they the U.K. WWE and are ok with being booed as long as the money is rolling in.”

Then, Jon took it a step further to make sure his followers know, “I’d rather be broke with all my integrity than make my word mean nothing.”

Jon Walters Facebook message
Pic credit: Jon J Walters/Facebook

Jon and Rachel Walters update

When it comes to his love for Rachel Walters, Jon has shown nothing but integrity, even though thousands of miles separate them.

Jon and Rachel are still waiting for him to be able to come to America so they can unite their family and live together as a unit. They’ve been trying to do just that since they were featured on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Things only got more difficult for Jon and Rachel when the coronavirus pandemic hit, killing their plans to visit each other over the past year and a half and really making them miss each other even more.

Despite the distance and the difficulty in getting Jon over to America, they are still going strong and still working on a way to get him to Rachel legally. They knew that, based on his background, it would be an uphill battle and over the years, they’ve proved that they will give it all they’ve got.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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