Joe Millionaire contestant Sara Rose claps back after her elimination

Sara Rose on Joe Millionaire
Sara Rose on Joe Millionaire. Pic credit: Fox

Joe Millionaire had a big twist recently when the show sent home one girl who was not there for the right reasons.

Martin the Butler overheard Sara Rose talking to other women about the show and her place on it.

That’s when he realized that she had no intention of finding love with Steven or Kurt. She actually said she wanted to win so she could laugh at them and dump them publicly.

Sara also said that she was more interested in a production team member named Winston.

She went home, with Steven telling her that she lied to them about her interest and they could have kept a woman on the show who actually wanted to try.

The Joe Millionaire men then sent Sara Rose home.

Sara Rose throws shade at Joe Millionaire

After the news of Sara Rose leaving the show hit, Kurt Sowers – one of the Joe Millionaires, posted on Twitter that he wished her and Winston the best.

Sara Rose then quickly responded with a comment that said “he says hi,” with a photo of Winston.

Fans were quick to catch the fact that this was an older photo of Winston from a few years ago and question if Sara Rose even met up with him after the show.

Sara also took to Twitter to post that “When plan A Doesn’t work and plan B doesn’t work… You go to plan C girls hi Winston :)”

She also finished up with a huge zinger to both Joes.

“I’m happy my 22 year old a** didn’t date a cowboy and a 40 year old.”

Sara Rose Twitter
Pic credit: @itssarawhattt/Twitter

Sara Rose accused of using Joe Millionaire for social media clout

The Joes accused Sara Rose of using Joe Millionaire to just get more social media clout, and not for the reason the show exists.

While some fans might think that Sara Rose would have been better off staying on the show to get the clout, it likely worked anyway.

If she lasted to the end and then laughed at Kurt before dumping him, her social media likely would have exploded.

With 150,000 Instagram followers before the show started, Sara Rose was already growing her presence.

Since her first appearance on the show, she has now built her following up to 185,000 followers and it will likely keep growing the more she talks about her plans for Joe Millionaire.

This is really nothing new about reality dating shows, though.

On Love Island USA Season 3, both Leslie Golden and Genny Shawcross were accused of being there to grow their social media since they talked about almost nothing but their Instagram accounts on the episodes.

Joe Millionaire airs on Thursday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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