Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt reveal plans to move in together — Will the BIP stars live in Toronto or Chicago?

Joe and Serena film for BIP
Bachelor in Paradise stars Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt have discussed where they’ll live, which has been a deal-breaker for Joe in the past. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise stars Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt have revealed that they’ve talked about moving in together and where they’ll live– and the options may shock Bachelor Nation.

Viewers know that Joe and Kendall Long dated during and after Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 and the main reason they broke up is that they couldn’t agree on where to live.

Joe wanted to live in Chicago while Kendall wanted to stay in Los Angeles.

Joe Amabile is willing to give up Chicago for Serena

Fortunately, the conversation seems to be going smoother for Joe and Serena, and Joe even seems to be willing to compromise this time around.

Serena is from Toronto where Joe hails from Chicago, so those places are options as well as a third.

“We’re on the same page about where we want to live, how we want to do it,” Joe told E! News following the Bachelor in Paradise finale. “Right now we’re going back and forth from Chicago and Toronto, and then we plan on moving in together in the spring. That will either be Chicago, Toronto, or potentially New York. But we will be on the East Coast.”

“Everything’s like an hour away, which makes it a lot easier,” Joe said of the positives of moving to New York City.

Serena revealed, “It keeps us close to our families but gives a couple options to be flexible, depending what works best at the time.”

It seems that Joe may finally be willing to give up Chicago for Serena and that the pair’s new home might be in NYC.

Joe and Serena got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise

Joe and Serena were one of the three couples to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, along with Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian, and Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch.

Joe and Serena were one of the first couples to form on Bachelor in Paradise

Joe arrived on the island and had a hard time shaking his past memories with Kendall there. He almost left, but then Serena pulled him for a conversation.

The two ended up hitting it off and he decided to stay. They quickly became one of the strongest couples, but their relationship was threatened when Joe’s ex Kendall arrived on the island.

Kendall told Joe that she was still in love with him but he said she should’ve told him that before they went on the show and that he was now committed to exploring his relationship with Serena.

Fortunately, Kendall’s arrival didn’t shake their relationship too much. Serena and Joe’s connection grew stronger over time and it ended up becoming too painful for Kendall to watch.

Kendall professed her feelings again and pleaded one more time to Joe, but he stayed faithful to Serena and Kendall ended up leaving the island.

Kendall did return one last time just ahead of their proposal, but it was just to give her well wishes and likely a set up by producers.

After a successful night in the fantasy suite, Joe got down on one knee for Serena and she said yes!

Bachelor in Paradise is on hiatus on ABC.

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