Joao Franco on Below Deck Med: Meet the hunky new lead deckhand

João Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean
João Franco in his promotional photo for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3

This season there’s a scorching hot new playboy joining the cast Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, and he just happens to be the Lead Deckhand.

Joao Franco is one of several new and exciting cast members added to the sun-drenched show, and looks to be right in the middle of the drama as Season 3 unfolds.

Franco is definitely one to keep your eye on as the series progresses, but who is this new deckhand aboard the luxury boat sailing the sapphire blue Mediterranean waters? We’ve got you covered with a quick potted history about the suave and confident Joao!

Joao grew up in Zimbabwe

First of all, Joao may look like a sweet and sensitive soul, but he is a true survivor as well. The cheerful blonde grew up in Zimbabwe with political conflict and corruption swirling all around him on a daily basis. There Joao learned to be resilient and tenacious, traits that no doubt will serve him well on Below Deck Med!

He is a survivor…

Once João left Zimbabwe he worked at a Captain’s house, first doing day work, but then showing the talent and initiative to be asked to work on the Captain’s boat.

Based on how far and how fast he moved up, what are the chances that savvy Joao has the persuasiveness (and grit) to make an immediate impression with his superiors? And will that impression be positive or, as has been the case in the past, will he clash with those above him?

…and a ladies’ man

Joao does makes a big, splashy first impression this season — with the ladies on board, as it seems that Joao is a dedicated playboy! When asked about dating, João acknowledges, that he, “wins the hearts of many and disappoints quite a few.”

But does it all go to plan?

Who exactly does Joao try to impress? The show’s trailer finds him chatting first with Kasey Cohen, then Brooke Laughton. Do his suave ways make a good or a meh first impression? Tune in to find out!

‘Work smarter, not harder’

Despite his smooth-talking ways, as mentioned above Joao’s spirited streak has previously seen him clashing with his bosses.

But he’s a fast learner who realized that he had to “work smarter, not harder” in order to get where he wanted in his career. Apparently his intuition was spot on, because look at him now!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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