JJ Watt takes aim at The Bachelor’s Peter Weber on Saturday Night Live skit Pilot Hunk

JJ Watt spoofs The Bachelor on SNL
JJ Watt spoofs The Bachelor on SNL. Pic credit: NBC

JJ Watt took aim at Peter Weber on this season of The Bachelor in a new Saturday Night Live skit, and he nailed it.

The Bachelor has historically provided quite a bit of material for SNL writers, but JJ Watt’s version, Pilot Hunt, was easily one of the funniest skits of the night.

“He’s a big boy pilot with thirty sobbing Hannahs to choose from,” the voiceover says as Watt looks stoic in his pilot outfit. “Tune in to see him deep kiss the white girls and high five the black girls this season on Pilot Hunk.”

JJ Watt is Pat and he makes the plane go

Then, we see JJ Watt as Pat — instead of Peter — as he introduces himself: “Hi, I’m Pat, and I make the plane go. I’m a sky boy looking for my fly girl.”

It’s no secret among those tuning in to The Bachelor this season that Peter Weber is a pilot for Delta Airlines and that he is looking for love. He’s hoping to find a relationship, much like his parents, who were a pilot and a flight attendant.

This season of The Bachelor features a handful of flight attendants among the women vying for his heart. It’s worth noting that, even though Peter was hoping to have a love like his parents did, he’s sent all three flight attendants home on the show.

That didn’t stop Saturday Night Live from making fun of it though.

So many Hannahs

In the Pilot Hunk skit, Pat tries to get to know each of the women but, as with the real The Bachelor episodes, they keep cutting each other off in hopes to make an impression on Pat.

Making it even more hilarious is there are so many Hannahs, much like the real show. As viewers know, Peter Weber famously had sex with Hannah B. in the windmill several times while trying to win her heart on The Bachelorette.

Then, as this season of The Bachelor began, she showed up again, which didn’t make the other women very happy.

There’s also Hannah Ann Sluss, who has been very persistent about winning Peter’s heart, and we can’t help but compare her to Hannah B, who cuts in on another Hannah to get her chance with Pilot Hunt.

Watch the entire SNL skit below and see how JJ Watt becomes Pat and tries to navigate all of the Hannahs a la Peter Weber.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.

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