Jinger Duggar shares rare look at daughters while traveling

Jinger Duggar selfie
Jinger Duggar shared an updated photo of her daughters. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo decided not to share their daughters too much on social media.

The choice came following the birth of their second child, Evangeline, in November 2020.

Felicity was in the limelight as a toddler, as Counting On was still in production when she was born and for a few years after.

On occasion, Jinger and Jeremy will give followers a look at their daughters with their faces covered or from behind to protect their privacy.

It’s been a busy year for Jinger, especially regarding travel. She, Jeremy, and their two daughters traveled to Kentucky last week.

On their way home, Jinger snapped a selfie, including Felicity and Evangeline on a plane home.

Jinger Duggar and her daughters Felicity and Evangeline.
Jinger Duggar and her daughters on the plane headed back to California. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar shares rare photo of daughters

Jinger Duggar snapped a selfie while seated on a plane with her daughters.

She blurred out their faces, but the shot showed how much the girls have grown up over the years.

Evangeline sat between Jinger and Felicity with a tablet in her hand. Based on the photos, she and her big sister inherited their mama’s curly hair.

They have similar hairstyles and were dressed in cozy clothing for the plane ride back to California after a few days away in the Midwest.

Will Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have more children?

Jinger Duggar is a wild card. She hasn’t followed the traditional Duggar rules since marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016.

From blowing up the rules with clothing to welcoming only two children, the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is shattering all of the expectations.

Evangeline will turn four later this year, and Jinger and Jeremy don’t appear to be in any hurry to expand their family.

However, there was speculation that Jinger might have been pregnant last month. That has since died down, but followers continue to wonder when she will expand her family.

The Counting On star has been busy promoting her book and speaking engagements. Jinger declined to be a part of the Prime series Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, but her big sister, Jill Duggar, was a part of it.

It’s unclear where things are headed with Jinger and Jeremy and building their family. However, it appears they are working toward being more notable for their mission work and self-help, especially living in California.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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