Jinger Duggar debuts new hairdo that is blonder and shorter

Jinger Duggar's new hairstyle.
Jinger Duggar debuts a super blonde look. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar is debuting a brand new look. Look out California, this Counting On star is blonde and beautiful!

Last summer, Jinger Duggar highlighted her brown hair with blonde tints and garnered huge buzz from Counting On fans. Her change has been the biggest of all of the Duggar women, leading her to gain the rebel nickname she has been carrying around since marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016.

Jinger Duggar gets a hair makeover

It has been almost a year since Jinger Duggar first debuted a more blonde look. Yesterday, she revealed that she went full blonde just before Valentine’s Day. Not only is her hair lighter, but it is also shorter.

The changes Jinger Duggar has gone through continually make headlines. From her wardrobe to her hair, there is nothing that Counting On fans won’t notice. She has morphed into more of a California girl now that she has been in Los Angeles for almost a year.

Aside from her hair, Jinger Duggar has also been channeling her inner fashionista. Her style has changed since moving to the West Coast. From hippie looks to professional magazine-like outfits, Jinger has stepped up her game and left the long dresses and skirts in the rearview mirror.

What is next for Jinger Duggar?

Viewers have been wondering what Jinger Duggar will be doing next. She has had a rough couple of months after a partnership with Fonuts fell through in December and she and Jeremy Vuolo backed out of an appearance just days later.

Cooking and baking appear to be a passion of hers, though Jinger Duggar’s foodie photos have rubbed some fans the wrong way. She has embraced the culture while living in Los Angeles, including checking out all of the food the city and surrounding areas have to offer.

There has been a lot of talk about when Jinger Duggar will have another child. After she shared photos last month of a party thrown for her by Jeremy Vuolo in December, some followers thought she may be expecting.

Jinger hasn’t disclosed her plans on having more children. She waited for a while before Felicity came along, so it isn’t shocking that she hasn’t announced another baby yet.

If nothing else, Jinger Duggar has learned what to do for Valentine’s Day for her husband. Jeremy Vuolo was overjoyed with her blonde highlights back in Texas before they moved to California and the latest change should have him even more excited.

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