Jim Edmonds and daughter Hayley blast Meghan King for exposing them and other family members to COVID-19

Hayley and Jim Edmonds lash out at Meghan King after exposing them to COVID-19
Meghan King gets blasted by former stepdaughter and estranged husband. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Orange County Housewife, Meghan King has been getting a lot of backlash since sharing that she has contracted COVID-19.

Now, it’s her estranged husband Jim and his daughter Hayley that are lashing out at Meghan for possibly exposing them to the deadly disease.

The model shared on social media just yesterday that she has tested positive for the virus.

In the post, she explained that she had taken the necessary precautions during recent travels to Miami.

But says there was an exchange on Tuesday where she did not protect herself.

Now, both Jim and Hayley are questioning Meghan’s actions.

In the reality TV star’s announcement, she shared that she had not protected herself during a particular outing.

The problem, however, is that despite that fact, Meghan spent time with several family members including, Jim Edmonds and his girlfriend Kortnie, his daughter Hayley, their nanny, and several other family members.

Meghan even took her son Hayes –who suffers from Cerebral Palsey–to his soccer game in recent days.

Haley Edmonds blasts Meghan King

After Meghan shared her COVID-19 diagnosis on her Instagram page, Hayley had a few questions.

She re-shared the post in her own IG stories blasting the former RHOC alum for putting so many of them at risk.

“I have a question for you,” writes the 23-year-old. “If you knew you were exposed on Tuesday what is your reasoning for insisting on taking Hayes to his soccer game and coming to our house on Saturday?”

Hayley Edmonds lash out at stepmom Meghan King
Pic credit:@hayleyedmonds15/Instagram

Meghan has not responded to her stepdaughter, but she has been sharing updates about her progress since learning about her diagnosis.

“Today I lost my sense of smell. (So strange not to smell my face wash! That’s how I knew.) Feeling a little stuffy, still sneezy. Overall less exhausted than yesterday. I can still taste (somewhat),” she wrote.

Jim Edmonds is also lashing out at Meghan

Hayley is not the only Edmonds to lash out at Meghan.

It turns out that Jim is none too pleased with her actions either, according to a source.

The 36-year-old reportedly visited Jim’s home right after her trip to Miami and the source is claiming that “Meghan was hugging and kissing their children, (which mother’s do), putting not only their children at risk, but also Jim’s girlfriend, Kortnie O’Connor.”

The insider alleges that, “Jim contacted her [Meghan] directly and expressed disappointment with her lack of responsibility.”

Meanwhile, the former RHOC alum shared an update about the people she has recently come in contact with saying, “No one I personally have had contact with in the days leading up to my symptoms is positive or is experiencing any symptoms. Let’s pray it stays that way.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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