Jim Bob Duggar shows off weight loss while potentially picking out suitors for his daughters

Jim Bob Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob Duggar showed off his slimmer frame. Pic credit: TLC

Jim Bob Duggar is looking a lot slimmer these days.

The Counting On star and Duggar family mogul recently spent some time with some teen boys and was praised for his role model status for the children.

As Jim Bob posed between the two teen boys, it was clear he had shed some pounds. He did a blog post about his bone broth fast last year, and it seems he may be back on it.

It wasn’t clear what the Duggar patriarch was doing with the teen boys, but he can’t miss a photo opportunity, especially when the poster sings his praises.

Naturally, the post made it to the Duggar Snark Reddit page, and the comments did not disappoint.

Was Jim Bob interviewing the teen boys as potential suitors for his younger daughters?

Jim Bob Duggar shows off weight loss

Smile big, Jim Bob Duggar; you’re on camera!

Standing beside the young men, Jim Bob Duggar showed off his weight loss. He looked slimmer than he has and thinned out since Josh Duggar’s 2021 trial.

It could be the bone broth fast or stress, especially with Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets debuting earlier this month.

Could Jim Bob Duggar be ‘interviewing’ potential suitors for his daughters?

As the younger generation of Duggar daughters enters their teen years and head toward adulthood, it isn’t too far-fetched to wonder what Jim Bob Duggar was doing with these teen boys.

Viewers know he has a lengthy questionnaire that suitors must fill out to court his daughters. It was discussed during an episode of Counting On and later confirmed by Jeremy Vuolo.

It’s very important for Jim Bob to like his children’s partners, and he views his daughters as prizes. The boys have more autonomy over their relationships.

The poster sharing the photo of their sons didn’t elaborate on why Jim Bob was there but did praise him as a “Godly man” the boys look up to. Interestingly enough, his track record isn’t as great as they seem to think, especially if they haven’t watched the Prime Video docuseries about the family.

So much about what Jim Bob does behind the scenes was revealed, and how much his PR guy, Chad Gallagher, sets up for him was shared. Jill Duggar talked a lot about what happened to her at the hands of her father and his business dealings, including how the Megyn Kelly interview she did alongside Jess Duggar in 2019 came to be.

However, if the poster wants their sons to marry into the Duggar family, they are doing a good job praising Jim Bob Duggar, and he seems to thrive on people singing his praises.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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